Monday, June 27, 2016

Ben's First Father's Day

The last two Father's Days we've been out of the country. In 2014 we were in London, and in 2015 we were in Naples. So to be honest with you, I don't even know what our family usually does to celebrate! Yikes! This year was different again though. Ben's older brother and his wife, and our niece, moved into their new house! So it was a family moving day. That morning we skipped church after Beau had a rough night of sleep. Our precious boy usually does really great, but had a hard time getting to sleep for his first long stretch.

 So we slept in, ate some breakfast, took some photos, and then joined the family for lunch and moving day! After the bulk of the moving was done, Ben and his brothers played basketball, and Ben's mom stayed with Beau while I did a Target run to take advantage of a sale they were having on baby gear. Keep your eyes peeled for when they do a "Spend $100, get a $25 gift card".. so I stocked up! Not a super traditional day of celebration.. but it was with family and super sweet. Our gift for Ben's dad was taking him to a Rangers game! Our thought was that it would be sweet for him to take Beau to his first baseball game, and then we realized it would be the same thing for our niece, and that we should all go! My only hesitation was the heat. Amanda (our friend who is basically family!) goes to the Rangers a lot so she pointed out that they sometimes sell tickets to the public for one of the larger suites. That's what we bought tickets for, and it ended up being amazing! 

For getting in and out of the game, I wore Beau in my Solly Baby Wrap. I had read a lot of people talking about loving these before I had Beau so I really wanted one. I LOVE it! It's great for around the house and the game was my first time wearing it out in public. Couldn't have been better for the game. Under Beau's head got a little sweaty going into the game but when we left he was fast asleep and very comfortable. I felt like the coolest person ever. 

Such a real life photo... I shouldn't have decided that the best time for Beau to take a picture with his Pops was when he was ready for dinner.. haha! 

Further evidence of me feeling like the coolest person ever with the baby wrap.. taking a selfie in public. :) Beau did so well being worn and it was really encouraging to me! I think he'll do great in the wrap on our trip. 

The best part of all family gatherings is time with our sweet niece. She loves Beau so much and we love her so much!! 

This photo isn't great quality at all, but it shows the view from the box.. so awesome! 

As a rule of thumb, we tend to shy away from activities or shows or festivals that most people flock to. I know that seems silly, but we just often end up doing the same thing. This night was such an amazingly fun change of pace for us and we really enjoyed it. I will never be able to attend a sporting event again in lesser conditions, this was my kind of weather controlled event! :) 

What did y'all do to celebrate Father's Day? 


Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday No. 37

No. 1

As we anticipate our trip to Italy, Switzerland, & England next month.. I've been soaking up posts by mamas who travel with their babies. One of my favorites, Barefoot Blonde, just took her family to Lake Como and Milan, the two Italian places we'll be visiting next month. I loved seeing her photos!

No. 2

Baby Hats. Heart Eyes Emoji!!!

No. 3

On Wednesday we had a follow up for Beau at the heart doctor. He had a heart echo & did so awesome! Everything came back looking great and we are so grateful. The nurses commented on how well behaved Beau was and I was the proudest mama. Look how sweet his little face was while getting the echo!

Okay so bear with me on how quirky this is.. when we had the fetal heart echo the week before Beau was born we were emotionally drained and terrified by the time we showed up for the procedure. While we waited in the consultation room, we noticed that the entire office is 100% out of the 90s. The bulletin boards had photos that couldn't have been updated in years. We saw the photo below and died laughing and it really broke the tension for us. I knew I had to snap a photo of it when we returned. It was less hilarious than I remembered, but still could have probably earned a spot on awkward family photos. 

After his appointment, we took advantage of being in Dallas and went to Northpark mall. I returned something to Nordstrom and we met up with my college room mate, Courtney! We love her so much and anytime we get to see her is such a treat.

A few people have asked... and we are LOVING our UppaBaby Mesa carseat and Vista stroller. It was $$$$$$ but has been PHENOMENAL so far. We got it for some logistical things for our big trip to Europe next month, and thus far we have no regrets!

No. 4

I'm such a sucker for personalized items.. and fell in LOVE with this for fall! My sweet boy will look so handsome in this! (From Smockingbird Kids)

No. 5

I recently picked up this lip product. I don't really do high maintenance lip things.. but this is more of a tinted chapstick that I've officially fallen in love with. The color (petal) is perfect, too! I think it will be great for all seasons. It smells wonderful, too! I would highly recommend it- I'll note I got the recommendation from my favorite style blogger, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam!

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