Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday No. 54

No. 1

Last weekend we had a "snow" weekend. It was basically just freezing cold with some tiny flurries that didn't stick to the ground.  We put a sweet and "punny" onesie on Beau for the occasion.

We stayed in our jammies and snuggled in the cold all day, before heading outside to feel the snow and take a few photos before Ben got home from work. 

The next morning at breakfast it was so cold that the building was too, so Beau hung out in Ben's coat the whole time. :) 

No. 2

I challenge you to watch this video and not cry! 

No. 3
Beau's been soooo much more social lately! It's been especially fun because we can get him to pose for photos so easily, haha! It's made the days so much more fun now that Beau can interact with us so much more. 

No. 4
I'm dying to go look at the following new arrivals at Anthro in store.. so cute! But so often when i try on it's a womp womp moment, so we'll see, haha! 

And this dress literally gave me a heart attack.. it's under $60 and I immediately ordered multiple sizes because I feel like it's going to be an item that sells out! 

Happy Weekend! 

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Baby Beau: 8 Months

8 Months as of 1/11/17

we did a guesstimate with the scale and he's a little less than 18 pounds.. biggest boy!!

We'll find out at the pediatrician next month.. I wasn't about to try and measure my baby haha 

Filling out 9 months clothes and the sleeves on 6-12 months are a little long.

Little boy snoozes away for 12+ hours each night. Over Christmas, there were a few mornings when Ben and I would wake up at 8am and panic and go get Beau up so the rest of the day wasn't totally a mess, haha!

Consistency with a little bit of flexibility continues to be what keeps our days moving!

We had a quick trip to the heart doctor in December. Beau still has two tiny holes in his heart, but the doctor is confident they will close, and says that even if they don't there will be no effects on his life. Praise God! We pray hopefully for the holes to close and to be discharged from the heart doctor's care, but are grateful for our current diagnosis. 

A few times this month Beau cried and it felt like he was sad rather than just hungry or sleepy.. talk about heartbreaking! 

Clapping with Mama and Daddy
Reading books
bouncing in the bouncer
watching football (seriously)

milk that isn't warmed is still the worst thing that's ever happened to him ;) I seriously have no idea how this happened literally the week after we got home from Europe!

Beau is now lifting up his belly when he tries to crawl.. I feel like we're getting close and I can't wait! We've been working with him on learning a few words. We're trying wave, clap, no, and sugar. Haha! I really feel like he's catching onto no, and letting go of my hair when I ask some of the time, and not putting his hands in his mouth during baby food feedings when we clearly tell him "no sir!" By far the word he's responding to the most is "clap", when we take his hands and say it he flattens out his palms and spreads his fingers and starts smiling while we clap his little hands together. I can't wait for the day he does this on his own!

Places You’ve Gone: 
to lots of Christmas celebrations and his first New Year's Eve party!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Polly's Baby Shower

This weekend was my friend Polly's baby shower, we finally got to celebrate her baby boy, arriving in March. A few months back I shared with you two theme options, and funnily enough almost everyone voted for the one Polly didn't choose, haha! A Texas shower it was! 

Because Polly had chosen Navy, white, and gray for Walker's nursery, we decided to use those three colors for the shower too. 

The table consisted of a laid back chili bar, with a few Texas treat desserts. 

This was the first shower for me to host in our new home. Although this house is bigger, our first house had such a unique layout, perfect for entertaining. I was worried about fitting everyone in but it worked out beautifully.

It was a wonderful shower! I have lots of party planning coming up. My sister in law is having my new niece or nephew at the beginning of March so we have a shower next month, and then full steam ahead on Beau's First Birthday party at the beginning of May (cue tears!!) before several showers over the summer. I can't wait. What things do y'all keep in mind when party planning? 


Monday, January 9, 2017

The New House: Our Living Room

Let me start by saying this.. of all the things I could possibly identify as one of my gifts, indoor photography is not even slightly close to one of them. Haha! When we bought our new house, we were immediately drawn to the white walls. Our part of our neighborhood has more of what I would call a western color scheme, dark browns and beiges.. so our light and bright house was a pleasant surprise! I only wish that the kitchen had been consistent with this, but you can't win them all, and we're working on tying it all together. I've mentioned here and there that it's taken me a while to feel truly settled her. Not for any specific reason, but it felt like we were kind of in between homes in my heart. We literally had gallery walls hung on our third day living here, so the stuff was in place, but as much as you decorate and make things sweet, I think that sometimes building a home just takes a little bit of time. Ben commented at the beginning of December that he felt like building memories here would really help with that feeling, and he was right. I feel like this is our home. Do I feel as settled as I did in our other house? Not quite. I don't know that I'll ever get that way here, as this house isn't our long term plan, but as I've learned time and time again, I can make all the plans that I want but sometimes they fail. I also learned that I don't think I actually want white walls longterm, so I'm glad I learned that lesson. :) All of that being said, I know that this is where we're supposed to be. This house feels like a place of rest to me, especially the space you're about to see. We love our new living room so much! Is it still "new" even though we moved in September? 

This canvas was a sweet gift from my friend Sarah and is now one of my most prized possessions! 

And for some real life.. usually the mamaroo is also right there. :) 

Rug (full disclosure, we got this on MAJOR sale.. keep your eyes peeled!)