Sophie's First Birthday Party

Friday, July 5, 2019

I don't know what it is about today.. but I just felt like blogging. If anyone's still out there.. haha! I miss this space and honestly, what's kept me from it is the fear of criticism and cranky people. In general I had been struggling with how much of my kids to share, and a few aggressive comments and instagram messages from people putting words in my mouth or making horrible accusations.. well that was enough to make me want to retire, haha! The reality though, is that I need to ignore the fear, and I can still share lots of sweet moments about Beau and Sophie without actually sharing a lot of WHO they are and things that I would prefer to keep offline. :) So, today, Sophie's first birthday party!!

The weekend of the party was a huge undertaking. It came at a time in life where I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. Honestly not for any big reason but just in general I was treading water. My dear friend Meredith was planning on coming in town for the party with her daughter who's exactly a month younger than Sophie. We thought we would be crazy and try and do a family portrait session the night before the 11am party. Coordinating everything for photos and the party was honestly too much and I don't have any regrets because the family photos were some of our best ever (I mean.. this pic!!) but it was a lot for me as a type a person who was already feeling overwhelmed with her life. Meredith had to keep telling me to put one foot in front of the other, haha! So Friday morning I had a dry bar appointment and then drove to meet my friend Haley who made the party cookies, and then to drive to Dallas to pick up Meredith and Mary Quinn from the airport. We then went straight into last minute party errands, then came home to feed babies, freshen up, and leave for photos. We got home at like 9 that night, and stayed up late working on balloons for the party. Phewwwweeee. All of that being said, a ton of things I wanted to do for her party didn't end up coming together. I loved the time we spent celebrating Sophie but in general my vision didn't come to life for a variety of reasons. But it was still incredibly special, and she has many more birthdays that I can craft an elaborate vision honestly. Haha!
The morning of the party we put together this incredible balloon installation on this stand. I put so much work into it. But what we couldn't plan for was a freak wind storm. Even once we attached them to the stand the wind was so crazy that the entire thing blew over. Thankfully no one was around it and there was nothing else on it yet but the whole thing was destroyed. We literally threw the mess in the garage because we were running out of time, and meanwhile inside the house some mishaps were happening and the inside of the house was flooding. Overall just super overwhelming haha! If you look closely you can see we literally had to scotch tape every single bit of the banner because the wind was so bad. It settled down just as guests were arriving which I was so grateful for. 

The cake was absolutely perfect. I loved the candles (inspired by my friend Sarah!) and my sister in law and one of my best friends arranged the flowers. Originally my sister in law and I wanted to make the cake but they ended up having house guests too and we decided this was an area we needed to outsource, haha!

Another special detail.. Sophie's cake knife set! This was what we got her for her birthday. It's engraved with her full name and birthdate, and her monogram. We'll use them for each of her birthdays and then on her wedding day. Cue the sobs. We have one for Beau too and they're so precious to me! I ordered them both from here.

We had tons of pink candies out and the whole party my niece played candy shop and served everyone. Such special memories of this!

We actually had to move the location of all the food tables because of a ton of rain that we had just had and so they ended up being in direct sun, which wasn't my preference but it is what it is. :) 

So special seeing Soph love her party!

I wore this dress, with this cardigan, these earrings, and these slides.

I imagine that in this photo she's thinking "Welcome to my party y'all!"

Sophie's dress was from our favorite Beaufort Bonnet Company. Here are links for her bow, shoes, and socks. :)

My people!

We had cute bows on the corners of the high chair... but remember the wind storm!! Haha!

Sophie was SO happy to be sang to. She loves a lot of sweets but cake isn't her favorite. 

  Just look at her happy face! She wasn't super into the cake so Beau started helping her, and both her cousins. That was by far my favorite part of the whole party, my four favorite babies together! 

She had a custom hat and bib from Preppie Peony and somehow the hat didn't make it onto her head for this. Which is nuts!! Haha! Couldn't recommend the shop more though. 

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into our girl's day! :) 

Beautycounter Favorites

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

I've recently gotten a few questions about what Beautycounter products I use and enjoy. I don't sell Beautycounter but have really enjoyed adding some of their products to my routine over the past few years. If you aren't familiar, Beautycounter makes clean makeup and beauty products. Like most brands, I've loved a bunch of stuff, but there are also several things that haven't been my favorite. I share that just to say that I haven't gone through the website and just listed every single thing, haha! A few years ago during a sale I bought my first few things, and since then I've added a bunch to my collection.


Overnight Resurfacing Peel: This is by far my favorite Beautycounter item, so I'll start with it. :) I use this about every other night and it just makes my skin look fresher, brighter, firmer.. everything that's good about skin. I'll repurchase this as soon as I run out!

Brightening Facial Oil:  I will mix in a drop or two of this with my moisturizer honestly in the morning or the evening. And when an area of my skin is particularly irritated I'll apply it directly to those areas. It's not heavy and makes my skin glowy. If I'm wearing foundation it helps the foundation go on really well! If you haven't used a facial oil before it can seem weird I think, but it's been a game changer for me!

Cleansing Balm: This item is pricey and I wish I could have resisted, haha! But now I have it, it's a must have for me. It's wonderful for taking your makeup off but also goes on overnight as a mask and my skin never looks better than when I use it overnight. You can google all the uses and it's amazing!

Charcoal Cleansing Bar: I was originally really turned off by the idea of using a soap bar, but I honestly really like it. Maybe even more than using a gel cleanser. This makes my skin feel really deep cleaned.

Balancing Facial Mask: I love me a good face mask and this one is great. You can literally see the impurities being pulled out of your pores. Gross, but satisfying! Haha!

If you're interested in trying several of those products but without the sticker shock of all at once, several of them are included in this "best of Beautycounter" set. I'd highly recommend trying it out!

And this is the eye cream that I'm currently using. I don't know that I'm just like having my world rocked by it but I like it! It's for sure helped the skin around my eyes look bright and firm.

I'm about to order this to try out. My skin has been completely wackadoodle throughout pregnancy/postpartum/still nursing and I've heard that it's awesome!


Tint Skin Foundation: I really like this. It's buildable, smells really good, and is hydrating. Especially this time of year I need the hydration!!

Sheer Lipstick: I have this lipstick in petal and rose and LOVE it. It's beautiful, goes on really smooth, and isn't too wild and crazy.

There ya go! Hope this helps! If you have any favorites from Beautycounter that you think I should try, let me know! :)

Photos by my sweet friend Michaela, who sells BC! :) I texted her and was like my post needs some pics, help! Didn't she deliver well? :) 

Friday No. 83

Friday, February 8, 2019

No. 1 
Hope you all had a sweet week and a fun Valentine's Day! We had a fun day.. in the morning Ben took Sophie on a date and I took Beau on one. We both went and ordered pancakes with our babes and it was so good for my heart to get that one on one time with Beau. Then Ben headed to the office for most of the day and we had a Valentines Dinner with my niece and nephew (and the rest of the family!) and had SO much fun. Really sweet new tradition and any excuse to make a normal day special I'm always up for! :) 

No. 2
I stumbled upon this video on Facebook and it made my day. It was so funny and quick and just made me happy.

No. 3 
My friend Amber posted this blog post months ago and it's so, so good.. so I didn't want time passing to keep me from sharing it. Amber is one of the very, very first people that I connected with through blogging. Must have been 7 or so years ago.. it was in college for sure! Totally wild. And so fun that we now both have brand new baby girls with precious big brothers!

No. 4
A while ago I came across some really cute scalloped tortoise earrings at Tuckernuck but because a statement earring isn't something I constantly wear I didn't pull the trigger.. but then Holy City Chic posted a very similar style in white on her instagram stories.. so I jumped over to see if they were also available in tortoise and BINGO! $8 and on their way to my house. I'm sure the quality isn't the best thing in the world but I don't need it to be. :) 

No. 5
My friend Mycah recently posted her daughter's first birthday and it made me excited to work on Soph's.. even though it's such a bittersweet milestone. My favorite details from Lively's first birthday are her darling outfit (I actually ordered the same one for Sophie for fall when it came out because it was TOO cute and I thought it would be precious on an 18 month old!), and that CAKE! It's beautiful with the flowers on it! :) Can't wait to share with y'all what I'm working on for my girl.. but for now, here's a look back at my baby boy's first birthday party, farmers market theme!

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