33 Week Pregnancy Update

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Popping in for another pregnancy update! In some ways I really can't believe that I'm at 33 weeks, and in others it feels like I should be having this baby tomorrow, haha! The photo above is from my baby shower that was on March 11. It was the same day as Khloe Kardashian's apparently, and I sent Polly (my friend in the photo) this instagram and was like look it's us! Ha!! Same height difference basically. Except we decided our outfits were cuter. My last pregnancy update was probably pretty glum, haha. Dealing with such a physically rough pregnancy hasn't been too fabulous, but I'm just so grateful to be carrying this precious girl! Things have gotten substantially better since that last post. I still have spurts of feeling the affects of the iron issues, but it's been a few weeks since I've thrown up and I'm really starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. March is almost over and then only a month until I get to see my baby angel's face. I have been reflecting a ton on what it was like to meet Beau for the first time and I just don't think theres any way to prepare yourself for that moment. I can't wait to experience it again. Here's some of those random fun pregnancy facts, haha! 

Stretch Marks- I thought I saw one little guy pop up but made sure to specifically apply the belly butter I've been using onto it and it seems to have gone.. praise! That being said maybe I'm weird but if I get stretch marks I don't really feel like it's the end of the world. Ha!

Maternity Clothes- My style this pregnancy has been college sorority girl. Literally. Leggings every day with large t shirts and various sweatshirts.. oops! Haha! I usually am comfortable with investing in a few things to really last and work but for some reason this pregnancy I'm pretty burnt out on it and wanting to spend pretty much $0 on anything maternity related or larger than my normal clothes. So if you see me I have about 4 outfits I ever wear.. haha! I did love wearing this dress to my baby shower though, I've gotten a ton of questions about it.. I'm wearing a size "1" if that helps anyone. I've been looking for some fresh new pieces for postpartum and just summertime and I'm excited! I just ordered a gorgeous dress for our girl's newborn photos and I'm really excited to get it in.

Weight gain- Honestly I'm not paying a ton of attention to the number of pounds gained at this point.. I've really just been focusing on how I feel. Eating only when I feel hungry and focusing on eating "good" food as much as possible. It is what it is at this point, and I look forward to getting back in shape post baby!

Movement- All over the place!

Baby Size- About the size of a pineapple!

Looking forward to- Meeting our girl!! That seems totally unreal to me. Having two children seems totally unreal. I'm so excited to see what she looks like and be in the newborn bubble and to share her name with the world! Summer is going to be the sweetest season. I can't believe in just 5 weeks she'll be here.

Food Cravings- The same as with Beau... I didn't really experience this. Although I will say I can't go anywhere without an ice water. I also will note that being in your third trimester during Easter candy season (the best!) is either a blessing or a curse, I'm not sure which one!

Sickness?- A few weeks ago I was still throwing up a lot.. so I kept taking my nausea medication. My energy levels have improved a little bit but overall I just don't feel like I'm going to feel like myself until after baby sister is born, health wise.

Labor Symptoms- Nope! We have an induction planned for 39 weeks but I'd love for her to come naturally before then!

Sleep- I slept like a baby when I was pregnant with Beau but that hasn't been the case at all this time around, it's so hit or miss but there have been some nights I'm up 5+ times.. misery! At least I have a cute baby down the hall who I can go peek at, haha!

Our Wishlist for Baby #2

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The number of weeks before our baby girl arrives keeps shrinking (imagine that!! haha!) and I'm feeling the heat to get everything situated. The nursery is probably about 95% done and all clothes for the first few months are washed. It feels so incredibly surreal. I think because my day to day life is so wrapped up in Beau and what he needs and is doing, in some ways I'm like "OH YEAH A WHOLE NEW HUMAN BEING IS JOINING OUR FAMILY!" Haha! I'm so excited though. We loved life with Beau as a newborn and are so looking forward to our new addition. It feels like a complete dream to be able to grow our family. All of what we've dreamed of our whole lives is unfolding. Any who.. from a practical standpoint I thought it would be fun to share what "gear" is on our radar for our second child. Things we want to replace, new things we want to try, etc. :) If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please leave in the comments!

Stroller Blanket- One of the first gifts we got when I was pregnant with Beau was a nice stroller blanket. He has this one, from PBK. It's come in handy time and time again having a thick, great quality blanket for him. I love this pink and pretty one! :)

Milk Snob- This is one thing that I really regret not getting for Beau. Multipurpose.. nursing cover, car seat cover, high chair and grocery cart cover.. I remember walking Beau from the car through the parking lot and wishing I had ordered a carseat cover to protect his sensitive little eyes from the bright sun. For some reason I never got it together though, haha! So this is one thing on the top of my list for Little Sister. I chose the grey and white stripe, so it can be used for Beau too, and future babies.

Binxy Baby Hammock- I remember well the days of Beau's giant carseat taking up the target cart, and wedging groceries in around it, it always felt like such a circus just to get basic things. I have seen photos of people using these little baby hammocks so I was thrilled when Shop Binxy sent us one! With Beau in the stroller seat, and little sister in the hammock, I think the process will go a ton smoother. Plus, I can already predict that Beau is going to want to lean over and check on his sister constantly, guaranteeing lots of sweet photos of my two babies! I always used to say that what made me feel the most like a mom when I was settling in was going to the baby section of Target with Beau.. I'm sure that I'll feel the same way about becoming a mama of two.. and this fun hammock is going to make the whole process so much easier! I'll be sure to check back in with a full review after I've actually used it. The link above gets you 10% off! :) Thanks Binxy!!!

I really considered this fancy pants doesn't need a changing cover changing pad that I keep seeing everywhere, but our dresser has a changing pad shaped hole so I think the peanut shape might look weird? Everyone swears by this product but I'm unsure.. thoughts??

Second Rumble Seat for our Vista Stroller- We absolutely LOVE our vista stroller, and I'm so excited about how easy it converts into a double stroller.

Bows- I obviously didn't have to buy hair bows before, but I think they'll be a much used accessory in our household! I've been really enjoying Little Poppy month to month bow subscription.. we also gifted a few months to a friend and it's been so fun! :)

New Bottles- I never really loved the Dr. Brown's bottles we used for Beau. It was what they suggested when he was in the NICU so that was fine, but they leaked like crazy. My friend uses Como Tomo and loves them so much. They are most certainly a "trendy" item but if I have a genuine testimonial, we'll go for it!

Fresh Washcloths

Passies- We only used a passy for Beau for sleep training, but who knows what this baby's preferences will be! We'll start with just one pack, haha!

Bath Seat- Another thing I wish we would have purchased when Beau was little.. I think having this will be awesome, especially with two little ducks in the tub!

DockATot- This consistently seems to be the "it" baby product right now, and everyone swears by it.. so I'm excited to try it! Haha! I've heard that it's amazing for sleeping and lounging on the go, in random rooms of the house, etc. That link actually leads you to a $10 off coupon.. so be sure to check that out! :)

A Second Car Seat Mirror- I upgraded Beau's recently actually, and I discovered that not all car mirrors are created equal. Having a big, nice one has made seeing him SO much better.

Fresh Bibs for when she eats solids

Kick and Play Piano Gym- This is another thing I pondered getting for Beau. For sure not a NEED, but seems really fun. Little Sister actually already got this as a Christmas present from her future bestie!

Sit Me Up Floor Seat- Full disclosure Beau was a semi late independent sitter because I was a new mama who had no idea when he was big enough to work on that and didn't have a clue.. haha! For the most part I feel like I adjusted really well, but this is one area I didn't have a clue. The first time he ever tried to sit up by himself was in October and I guess I thought that was way too early to work on it so I panicked and we just kept doing tummy time. Fast forward to January and I finally was like okay let's work on this and he started sitting right away. OOPS. I share this story to hopefully help someone else who might be as clueless as I was haha!!! Anyways I think this seat will serve as excellent help for practicing. Beau got his practice sitting in a basket from our pantry, haha!

Ollie Swaddle- We had such a great experience swaddling Beau when he was little so I'm really excited to test out the Ollie Swaddle. It's made of special moisture-wicking material that helps regulate baby's temperature.. which will be awesome for the hot Texas summer. You can also untie the bottom easily to do diaper changes while keeping the baby swaddled so I'm excited to try that for middle of the night feedings.. seems like eliminating the unswaddle step will be so nice. A huge plus for me too is that it seems so easy to use. My mother in law always says she struggles with swaddles so I'm happy that we'll have something super user friendly whenever little sister is with her Granny and pops! :) Use the link above for 10% off Ollie products!

Lobster Highchair- My friend Polly has this and literally every time we eat out together people stop to ask her about the chair. It's SO nice and convenient!! Plus I've seen people put it on their kitchen island.. so easy!

Second Sound Machine- Ben said "why don't we just stop using the sound machine for Beau and put it in the nursery?" to which I said.. NOPE!! Haha! Not ready to rock that boat quite nicely. Will Beau easily sleep without it? Yep. But I think if anything it serves as a luxury item for us in feeling like we don't need to tip toe around while he's sleeping. And when we add a crying newborn into the family, I think blocking as much sound from big brother's room as possible will be a GREAT call! My sweet friend Sarah got us this fancy one which I am SO excited to try out!

A huge thank you to Dock a Tot, Binxy Baby, & Ollie Swaddle for gifting me their products. Affiliate links are used in this post, but as always, opinions and thoughts are my own! :) 

What I'm Putting in Beau's Easter Basket

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Last year I had SO much fun putting together Beau's first Easter basket. I included his first swim suits, sandals, and because we were taking a trip to Disney World the weekend after Easter, I put all of his Disney outfits and our Magic Bands in there. It's so silly because I literally put them all in there to take them out myself.. but it sure is fun, haha! 

This year I'll be including a swim suit or two (this rash guard is so inexpensive and perfect!), a new pair of sandals, a new pair of jammies, a few Easter books, and some favorite snacks (my little bubba is going to go absolutely nuts over his own chocolate bunny!!) Not really anything that I wouldn't have bought otherwise will make the basket. I'm going to be real with y'all.. a big reason there won't be a new toy or anything in the basket is because I'll probably put together a "big brother" present for Beau to open at the hospital when his sister is being born just a month later. So that little boy can wait a month for a few more fun things, haha! #excessivemama but I can't help myself! As far as what I have in mind for toys, Beau's gotten really rowdy in the bath recently so I think a few bath toys might bring his focus elsewhere. My in laws have a little basketball hoop in their tub that he LOVES! I also like the look of this scoop to keep all the toys in. And these pipes look fun too! 

I ALWAYS think that a book or two can make a great Easter basket addition.. or if you're not super pro Easter basket it'd be sweet to just tie a ribbon around one or two books. Below are some of our favorite books about bunnies and the bible, haha! :) 

What will y'all include in Easter baskets? :) 
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