37 Week Pregnancy Update

Monday, April 16, 2018

SO the last time I published a pregnancy update (33 weeks) I talked about how much better I was feeling and literally that morning I had a scary incident where I started blacking out while I was driving and had to pull to the side of the road just in time. Literally as I put my car in park Ben was on speaker phone telling me to put my hazard lights on and I had to tell him I couldn't see anything to find the button. Incredibly scary and I was so glad that Beau wasn't in the car with me. Since then, things have been mostly uneventful. We got the concerns that incident caused taken care of (upping iron and watching my blood sugar) and although I still don't feel great, we're not worried about anything stressful. Although I will note that last week I didn't take my diclegis (anti nausea meds) because I had run out and figured that at 36 weeks pregnant I probably didn't have morning sickness anymore. NOPE. Literally projectile vomited. I thought that was only for newborn babies! Whooowee, we keep saying we hope this pregnancy doesn't communicate anything about baby girl's personality, haha!

At my 34 week appointment I expressed concern to my doctor that I thought she might be breech. I hadn't felt as much movement, or at least movement in a different way, as I had with Beau. All the kicks felt REALLY low. So she felt around and confirmed that yes, it did look like baby was breech. I proceeded to read a ton of stuff in Facebook groups and on google and wondered if putting a rainbow of peppermint oil across the top of my belly would help her flip. It's funny, because going into my birth experience with Beau I could have cared less if I delivered vaginally or had a c-section. But this time I knew that I wanted to avoid it at all costs. One, because I loved my birth experience with Beau, and two, because I really didn't want to deal with recovery while having Beau inevitably need me. I ultimately decided that I couldn't stress myself out too much, and would need to just trust that if she was going to flip, she would. I did book a chiropractic adjustment because people recommended that but honestly also just knew that would probably relieve some tension I had been feeling. The night before the adjustment I told Ben "feel!! I think her head is on the side!" it totally was, but it honestly didn't occur to me that she could be starting the process of turning. At the appointment the chiropractor felt around on my belly when I told him we thought she was breech and he said that he was pretty certain she wasn't. A huge relief, but I wasn't necessarily believing it. Sure enough the rest of that day all of the kicks had moved up to the top of my belly and I could tell there had been a major change. Our bodies are so wild! I had my 36 week sonogram last Thursday, something I was really looking forward to. At our 36 week sonogram with Beau we got to see that he had hair, so I was really interested to see what we'd see on sister..

Beau is on the left, sister on the right. Both a good amount of hair, haha! My guess all along has been that she wouldn't be bald, but wouldn't have hair like Beau. But now who knows! It feels so special to know something about her! Anyway, we were happy to see that she's head down, and everything is looking great. The sonogram was such a fun experience for me, seeing our little girl's face. Her nose is EXACTLY like my niece's.. something that was really fun to see on the 3D sono!

Stretch Marks- Not that I can tell, but I also haven't been super intense about my belly butter lately, oops! I need to finish strong here!

Maternity Clothes- I am genuinely rotating between like 4 outfits at this point, haha! I'm so excited to get into normal clothes again. With Beau, I pretty much could wear all shirts and dresses right away, and jeans at about a week after.. my "skinniest" pair probably a month in comfortably. I've heard from some people that this process is a lot slower second time around so I'm trying to have realistic expectations. Again, last time I was like "its fine if I don't wear my jeans for months and months" but because of positive experience, I'm like okay we need to get this show on the road!! Haha!

Weight gain- Just like with Beau I pretty much stopped gaining weight at 30 weeks. I've gained a pound or two I think but at this point I don't think that's anything to worry about. Excited to hustle and get back to a healthy weight after this sweet girl is born!

Movement- Yes! Lots!

Baby Size- Google says the size of a large cantaloupe! haha!

Looking forward to- Meeting our girl!! I am so excited to see what she looks like and just dive into this new season of life. I just feel READY. Savoring these last days with just Beau but I'm so excited to see him adjust to having his little sister around. My boy has had a TON of change since Christmas. A ton. And he's handled it so well most of the time and I've been so grateful and proud. I'm so prayerful for him to handle the adjustment well and can't wait to cuddle my two babies!! Annndd... I'm excited to no longer be pregnant. I'm grateful for the journey but it's time, haha.

Food Cravings- None really.. honestly I've been mostly eating pretty "blah" the longer I've been pregnant. She's been sitting so high that I can't eat very much in a sitting and I haven't had a huge appetite so most of the time I'm just eating protein when I'm hungry.. although I have enjoyed a few indulgent bowls of cereal. I know that's probably not "indulgent" but it feels like it because we never really eat cereal.

Sickness?- Covered this above, YUP! Haha!

Labor Symptoms- I don't think any but I am already dilated to a 2.. when we went to induce Beau at 39 weeks I was at a 0 so this is new to me, haha. My guess is that we'll still make it to 39, but that maybe the labor process will go a bit faster. But what do I know? Haha!!

Sleep- Really hit or miss! Most of the time I'm getting up a lot and having a pretty hard time sleeping, but we're so close to this coming to an end and I'll be sleeping like a baby.. with a baby. :)

What do y'all think? When will baby sister be here? :) 

Friday No. 79

Friday, April 13, 2018

No. 1 
Yesterday Beau and I went to run a few errands before my 36 week sonogram and he was in SUCH a relaxed mood. Usually when we're out in shops he's a wiggle worm and knows he can trick me into giving him snacks :) haha! But he literally just wanted to kick back in his stroller and it was so sweet. I returned something at Anthropologie and looked around but honestly nothing caught my eye in the slightest. The last year or two I've had horrible luck there, not finding anything I like really! Am I alone in this? 

I did pop into Lululemon to check out a few products that have been recommended to me lately.. and I shouldn't have gone in because now I want like 5 things for postpartum summertime lounging haha!

No. 2
Yesterday I shared our playroom progress, and since then even I've added some things. Those two little Cuddle and Kind dolls absolutely break me.. a little boy and little girl together. SO ready for this life. 

No. 3 
I've been in high gear prepping for little sister's arrival in just a few weeks. I just ordered a few swaddle blankets (here and here) and a dress that I'll wear coming home from the hospital. I'm so used to having to scour the internet for boy things that I like, it's so awesome how easily accessible precious girl things are. Below are some cute things that caught my eye at Old Navy.

No. 4
My biggest favorite this week was my sonogram. GAH! I just love seeing my baby. It made it feel so much more real that we're at the end of this pregnancy and about to meet our girl. I have a pregnancy update scheduled for Monday, and will share more information then.. but it was just such a sweet experience. We got to see her little face on the 3D sonogram and learned a few more details about her and it just felt so special. Before having Beau, I would see a 3D sono and it was whatever.. but now they are SO sweet to me. I'm feeling so encouraged heading into the last little bit of this pregnancy, and am so ready for the newborn bliss ahead!

Happy Weekend!!

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Playroom Progress + Lorena Canals Rug Review

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The need for a dedicated play space wasn't on my radar at all until pretty recently. This room has been Ben's office since we moved into the house. He 1000% needs a work space, but this room has felt like so much wasted space. He uses his desk really hard, but the rest of the room was just hodge podge of random things and it just didn't look great. Especially with it being at the front of our house, I was always super discontent about it. Simply because of it being a room that I didn't love, it often became a dumping ground for random things that needed to be dealt with. Not great. I'm not sure when it clicked, but I started daydreaming about turning the room into a multipurpose office and playroom. As Beau has gotten bigger, I started to see how great it would be to have a place for his toys, even if we are mostly on the more minimalistic side of toy having, haha. 

Before I get into the details, I want to say that in the month or so that we've had this area set up, I've been able to be so much more intentional during my time with Beau. Y'all have heard me talk about how being sick during this pregnancy has left Beau with a ton of independent play time, and a guilty mama laying on the couch feeling horrible. Now that I've been able to predict times of the day that I'd feel better, it has been SO nice to leave my phone in another room, and head into the playroom with the goal of just spending time with Beau. Playing blocks, reading books. Laughing together. I love the margin in life that this room has begun to provide. It's going to be so sweet to bring sister in here with us and set her up for tummy time or whatever. 

The chair pictured has been on vacation from our lives (haha) for about a year. My brother and sister in law borrowed it when we moved into our new house because it didn't fit comfortably in Beau's nursery (where it had been in our old house) and they needed a chair for feeding my nephew in his room. He just turned one, and it was right at the time I was wishing for the chair for the creation of this playroom, so it was perfect. The chair is super wide so it's become where we do family bedtime stories. As you'll see, the bookshelf is right beside it. I bought the storage shelf and baskets from good old Target, and hung three frames that we already had. Redoing a room on top of finishing the nursery in my third trimester came about kind of all of a sudden, so I have a bunch of details to still work out. But for now, we have a sweet and very functional space. I don't know what I want to do in those frames art wise, but I imagine with the arrival of our girl I might want to put photos of the two sweet siblings together in the frames. Right now two of them are winnie the pooh prints from Beau's nursery, and one is a photo of Ben and I in Paris, haha! 

The one detail that has pulled the room together the most for me is our new Lorena Canals rug! While planning for the nursery my friend Megan mentioned the company to me. They make natural, machine washable rugs for children's spaces. The brand was also selected by Vogue as the top baby product for celebrity nurseries- fancy! What blows my mind is that this rug can literally be put in my washing machine. It's made me so much more laid back with what we enjoy in this space. It's pretty common for us to sit on the rug after Beau's nap with his snack, and it's so nice to know that I can just pop it in the washing machine if I need to. I imagine with sister coming too, it will be nice to know that no amount of spit up will make this rug have to retire haha. With something very kid focused like this you'd think the designs would be pretty bright and crazy and silly with like roads printed on them, but the styles are SO cute. I had the hardest time picking which one I wanted, and kept sending options to friends and going back and forth. I was really really drawn to the ones  with scalloped detailing or interesting cut outs. They're just so unique and fun. They're also really cute layered. I wondered about what the quality of the rug would be like knowing that it would be rolled up to be able to fit in the washing machine but it's so soft and as I think you can see in the photos, pretty thick.   I’ve already washed ours a few times and have been really happy with how it’s held up and washed. With a new baby coming anything that I can wash is just a huge praise hands all around. The rug that we chose was obviously geared towards a children’s space.. but what I loved about the selection at Lorena Canals is that so many of them you would never associate with being for children’s spaces. Meaning that you could have a living room one that could be washed when children and pets wreck them. AMAZING! Anytime I ever buy a rug it feels like such a stressful process, knowing they can really make such a difference in a space and being a pricier item, you want to get it right.. but I can honestly say that adding this rug to the playroom has been my least stressful rug experience!

As you can see, this space has a long way to go, but I wanted to go ahead and share my progress, and to get tips from y'all for things you've included in a playroom and loved! There are so many wild ideas on pinterest but I'd love to hear from you! :)


I received product from Lorena Canals rugs, but as always, all opinions are my own. :) 
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