Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bits of Victoria: 10 Weird Things about Me

This photo was taken in Vatican City, on vacation after we snuck through a door with a tour group and skipped a lot of long lines. Thought I was rebellious and needed a photo to commemorate. :) 
1. Flies are the absolute worst thing in the world to me. I'm constantly begging Ben to kill them in the summertime. Once I was laying in bed reading on my phone and Ben turned the lights out so one flew at my face because of the light on the screen and I almost died. When I know they're in the room I can't hear anything but their buzz. Yuck!

2. I used to be really good at doing laundry. Like REALLY good. I never once would let clothes sit on the floor or even in the dryer. I'd take the clothes out and immediately fold them and immediately put them away. Then Ben and I got engaged and I magically became slow at laundry. You can't even argue that now because I do laundry for two more people it's easy to get bogged down, because for 7 months of engagement I became horrible at laundry. I'm constantly trying to change this and speed up the process, but with so many steps I'm good at starting and not completing this project.

3. My #1 pet peeve is people treating servers and employees poorly. It infuriates me when people forget that the person taking their order or whatever is a real human being with a name and feelings. This isn't actually a weird thing. But what's weird is that I didn't feel like I could make this list without including it. What's weird is that I feel like it's my life's goal to tell people this reminder and hopefully change their behaviors. :)

4. I get really enthusiastic about things, and very quickly. A specific example of this is last year's Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I bought this sweater poncho and tried it on and fell in love with it and took a selfie and sent it to multiple people saying I loved it.. decided it was my #1 pick of the sale, I'm pretty sure I even blogged about it. It really was a super cute sweater... but then I returned it because I couldn't justify that I would wear it enough for it to be worth it. I was ALL IN on my sweater, but then returned it. Who does that? I'm crazy.

5. I'm very passionate about a modest swimsuit. I don't care at all about what other people wear.. that's your choice to make.. but for some reason with swimwear I want to be as covered as possible. I've considered rash guards but have heard they're hot. Many of my friends think it's weird that I've never worn a bikini in my life. Even a tankini isn't my favorite. I'm 1000% team one piece. I know so many of you are laughing at this, haha! A few years ago, when Ben and I went to Italy, I had been working out a lot and felt really confident, and thought that it would be a great time to try a two piece suit. When else would be appropriate than on the Italian Coast with my hubby? Thought about it for about 5 minutes and then decided against it. :)

6. My favorite possible characteristic in a person is for someone to be "easy to be around".. I just love when you don't have to overthink a conversation or anticipate the next transition or whatever. I love people who just make you feel at ease and are extra fun!

7. I like expensive pajamas. I feel like most people get their pajamas somewhere cheap and just go on with their lives but a few years ago I made sure that my pajama collection is on the nicer side and now it's an addiction that I don't think I'll escape any time soon. My thought is that if we spend $$ on nice clothes we'll wear less often.. why wouldn't we spend more for great quality things we wear literally every night?

8. I don't do group work outs. NOPE! I see workout groups of moms in our neighborhood and think for a hot second that I could enjoy it.. but working out is my private time. I don't want people to look at me, much less interact with me. At the gym I like to be totally by myself. Nothing in life is better than an empty gym. I ALWAYS time visits based on low traffic hours when I know not many people will be there. This was actually a habit I had to consciously try to break when I was pregnant. I always felt like it just wasn't smart for me to be pregnant on cardio machines with not a single soul around, so I never worked out unless other people were present. Any kind of non cardio activity ALWAYS happens at my house. Most people say they can't push themselves without other people, but I'm afraid to push myself in front of other people. I've literally made myself throw up from a hard workout in our living room before.

9.  Several of the people I talk to every day I met online, through this very blog. The first time I met Nicole in real life I took a plane and planned to stay at her house for a few days. I realize this sounds so crazy to non blog people.. but I'm so grateful for the way these friendships have been formed in my life!

10.  Once when Ben and I first got married, I sat down on my college full bed that was in our guest room at the time, and cried for a long time "mourning" my childhood. I have no desire to go back to not being an adult. I LOVE being an adult. There are just a lot more perks than childhood. :) But I felt like I had to mourn that change. Since then I've totally let it go.

And, one for good luck. :)

11. I have a weird desire for our family to be complete. I know I should soak up the sweet time with Beau and whatever future children we have and just let it all play out, but ideally I'd have a multiples pregnancy or adoption and call it good. I just want to know all the names of my babies and call it good. :)

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Disney World: Day Four

Our last morning at Disney was SO great. The weather was kind of overcast which made for amazing photos and slightly cooler temperatures. It was Monday, so there were less people. It really was wonderful! 

One of my father in law's good friends (they've been friends since high school.. maybe even before actually!) and we ran into their family so we of course had to grab a quick group photo.

We started the day with a bunch of castle photos! We took some, then Beau fell asleep, then we watched the welcome show (the photo below!) and then actually after the show when everyone made their mad dash to the rides was when we got our great family photo (above!) 

Walking through the castle.. Beau loved!

Another one of Beau's favorite rides was Winnie the Pooh! I know y'all are probably sick of photos of my baby looking at rides but that sweet little attentive profile absolutely kills me! 

Disney just plain wore our sweet little bub out!! 

He also enjoyed It's a Small World, one of my favorites from childhood!

We chose Buzz Lightyear as our last ride, and Beau fell asleep (again.. lots of little cat naps this morning which is totally not normal!) so we headed to main street for some last minute treats before heading back to our hotel to check out. 

Favorite photo of our boy from the trip! 

And one last group shot.. our trip to Disney really was all that I could have ever hoped for. We loved every second and are already eager to return! :) 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Day in the Life: Summer 2017

Late Wednesday night I decided to make Thursday a "day in the life" post day! I woke up at 6:45, as you can see. :) 

I looked at a few things on social media while still laying in bed.. I was excited to check up on the Southern Weddings shoot happening in Asheville, knowing that we're headed there this weekend! 

I got out of bed and Beau was still sleeping. He gets up between 7 & 7:30.. and today was a 7:30 day, giving me some extra time! I made his breakfast (strawberries and a peanut butter foldover) and worked on mine too (strawberries, eggs, and chicken sausage) 

At 7:30 I grabbed this sweet and happy boy out of his bed! I should mention that on Thursday mornings Ben meets with his accountability group, so he left before I woke up. They meet for breakfast at 6:30 and talk about how they're staying committed to their walk with the Lord, their families, etc. He loves it! 

We started breakfast while waiting on Ben to get home. Beau has a hard time picking up food because of his thumb issue, but he does a great job with his peanut butter sandwich. It's sometimes more messy to let him feed himself, but I've been a lot better about letting him do his thing recently. :) 

I checked in on Facebook to see an old bookshelf that I listed for sale in our neighborhood Facebook group. I didn't think anyone would want it so I listed it for just $20, but then like 15 people commented next. Ya live and ya learn. :) 

Then we got some play time in before a busy day! 

Ben got home and I threw on some makeup and got changed. Didn't have time for hair so I wore it natural. I actually ended up changing shirts because I liked this new one I had just gotten so much that I decided to save it for an upcoming trip. :) 

In the car as a family and ready to roll!

First stop was the dentist for Ben to get his teeth cleaned. It felt weird for us to be running all of these errands together on a weekday. Teacher husband perks!

You know it's a busy day when I'm wearing the diaper bag as a cross body ;)

We stopped by Beau's pediatrician because the night before we had seen a large amount of what we thought was some sort of discharge in his ear. Beau had been uncharacteristically fussy the last few days, and we knew he had just cut a molar but he started having cold like symptoms too, so I wanted to be on the safe side just in case of ear infection.

As you can see from this text... it was just earwax. LOL. First time mom problems, BIG time!

 We then stopped by a local town hall passport office to get the paperwork to renew Ben's passport.

And then stopped by a house that Ben just sold during the inspection to make sure everything was looking good. Usually he wouldn't bring wife and baby, but this house was sold to close family friends so it was an exception. :) 

We wanted a quick lunch on the way home so we stopped at Freebirds. I pulled out my phone to take a photo just of Ben and Beau eating, not posing.. no big deal. But the second I held up my phone my child tilts his head and starts cheesing. HA!! I actually ended up catching this on video but it was hilarious. Blogger mom problems. 

When we got home, Beau went down for nap and I set to work with my computer and notebook. We have been trying to make a trip to visit my family in England work, but there have been about a zillion different factors going around. We finally figured it out and booked flights, and I realized how crazy it is that we'll be in Europe THREE weeks from today!! Yikes. So I spent some time planning while waiting on Beau to wake up before meeting a friend for a swim. 

Then this happened. Snuggled up in bed. I started feeling terrible and knew immediately I had the same cold as Beau. (update on Sunday night: still sick. Terrible!!) I knew I needed to fight it off until Saturday when I was hosting a baby shower, so I tried to rest and start drinking water. 

Ben had to keep Beau from eating the newest issue of Southern Weddings. :) 

We had plans that night to hang out with two of our favorite girls so that their parents could have a date night. :) We started with a water fight outside!

Which lead to wearing my t shirts as dresses and taking care of their boy! These little mamas were the cutest ever and wanted to do all of Beau's nighttime routine. 

Beau fell asleep right away after our long day, and was snuggling his bumpers like a pillow (haha!) 

Us girls made cookies and put on Winning London for a movie night!

Looks like I'm not ready to be a mom to big kids quite yet.. somehow while having the girls do all of the ingredients, we forgot a whole cup of flour so we ended up with chocolate chip pile of mush. Haha!! 

As soon as the girls left my head hit the pillow... I was exhausted and still could tell a cold was coming on. It's funny how doing these day in the life posts it always seems like a weird day but I guess that's just life! :) 

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