Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday No. 47

No. 1

It's been a big week for Beau! He's now officially an avocado eater! :) He LOVES it. Like, legitimately he's eating so much every time and he loves it. Thanks to the suggestion of a friend, we're also introducing baby sign language and so every time I am about to give Beau more I say "more!!" and do the sign, then feed him more. This may sound crazy but I feel like he's already responding to it. He'd get worked up trying to reach for the food and I would say and sign more and he'd settle down and open his mouth. YAY! Huge victory!

The first few times trying the avocado we just put Beau in his little mamas and pappas chair, but a few nights ago we went ahead and pulled out the highchair and he LOVED it! And we love it!! If y'all don't already know this about me.. I'm passionate about getting nice things for a lot cheaper than they would usually be. 90% of the time if you see me in something expensive it's a substantial amount cheaper than the ticket price. I find coupons, price adjust, etc etc. I compared where was the cheapest place to get this high chair, and it ended up being Target. At the time they had a promotion where you got a $25 gift card for every $100 you spent in the baby department, I asked them to price match my buy buy baby 20% off coupon (they couldn't, but they gave me a 15% off courtesy which I gladly accepted!) and then linked my red card (another 5%), got free shipping, and then used generous gift cards for the total. This is how I shop for everything haha! 

No. 2
Next week we have Strader family photos, Beau's six month photos + our family photos, then Halloween, then the next week we have portraits for Beau at Janie and Jack, and then Beau's baby dedication. So coordinating outfits for our little family has been my job lately! I'm so excited about what I've chosen so far and can't wait to share with y'all! The dark photo below is one of the outfits I've chosen! :)

No. 3

Beau also went into the nursery at church for the first time last Sunday! He did great, yay! What made it easier is that our friends Dave (in the photo!) and Karen were in his room. They have five kids and are amazing parents so I joked that he was in better hands with them than with us! I'm so proud of my precious little boy!

No. 4

We went back to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday night and got this sweet family photo! It seems surreal, still, that we have a little family!

No. 5
So far, I feel like so much of motherhood is learning to balance. I want to balance being crazy busy and being home so much that I feel like we need to get out, etc. Yesterday was our only day home all day and we had to break out, haha! Beau loves being on the go because we love being on the go! We went for a long walk/run around our new neighborhood and it was so great. Except I'm ready for cooler weather please. :) 

Happy Weekend! 

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bits of Victoria: How I Eat Healthy-ish

I've gotten a lot of requests lately to hear about how I meal plan, what recipes we love, what snacks I eat, etc. So I thought I would start addressing all of that info with a breeze through what a day of eating looks like in our household. :)

I know that a lot of people aren't breakfast eaters, but I never miss it. Most important meal of the day. :) When I skip meals I feel cranky, lightheaded, and end up making poor eating choices because I just grab whatever is available. I keep it really simple for breakfasts, and pretty much always eat the same things. I eat any combination of the following things. If I eat a full english muffin I usually just have that, but sometimes eat half of one with eggs, or whatever. These are my old faithful breakfast meals. :)
  • Light English muffin with peanut butter and sometimes a bit of strawberry jelly or a honey drizzle 
  • A few eggs 
  • Greek yogurt with a high protein Kashi cereal 
  • Turkey Sausage or Chicken Sausage 

If I'm at home, I always try to have an easy protein rich lunch. This may be so gross to some people but when I know I'm eating dinner somewhere that's a splurge, I'll eat just a bunch of canned tuna (so much protein!) for lunch. I love carb balance whole wheat tortillas and often make wraps with turkey from the deli (less sodium and processedness than the packaged stuff). I use individual servings of wholly guacamole or low fat laughing cow cheese or hummus in my wraps sometimes. I also often heat them to make things feel a little more fancy, or if I'm craving a warm meal. For sides I love apples, a few pretzel chips, greek yogurt.

I'm lucky to have a husband who isn't a picky eater at all. Most of the time when I cook, it's pretty healthy, or I make substitutions to make it healthier. We eat heavy protein meals and always try to add in some veggies. Mexican food is SO easy to make healthy, y'all. I promise! We eat a ton of it. It's always a good go-to if we end up needing an extra meal during the week. Refried black beans in a low carb tortilla for a burrito, or seasoned ground turkey on a bed of lettuce with salsa and avocado, yum! And easy.  We also love just plain grilled chicken with some veggies. I will say that since my friend Polly made us Pioneer Woman Chicken Spaghetti after Beau was born, I've made it a few times, it's one of Ben's favorites... but other than that I rarely make pasta. 

Skinnytaste Shrimp and Grits (in the Skinnytaste cookbook, a must have!) 
Crockpot bbq chicken (toss chicken breasts in the crock pot with a bunch of your favorite sauce, and then shred! add a little bit of Italian dressing if it gets dry)
Cauliflower Pasta

  • Greek yogurt- I love fage ones that you flip the fruit over, or yoplait greek 100 whips, or chobani tubes 
  • 50 calorie cheese sticks or babybel wheels (lots of protein!) 
  • veggies and hummus 
  • Luna bars if I have a sweet craving 

Eating Out: 
When I was loosing weight a few years ago, I never ate anything at a restaurant without looking up the nutrition. Now I still look up the nutrition a lot, but I kind of know within reason what to expect from different places. If I go to Chick-fil A I love the grilled chicken cool wraps with no side, or if I feel like embracing the fried deliciousness I get either a chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun with no butter, or nuggets with fruit. I skip the sauces even though they're yummy, they're just not worth it! I sometimes get low fat mayo which I know a lot of people would find really gross, but it's the truth. :) When I was pregnant I enjoyed the occasional lemonade, I'd order half diet half regular. If I'm going to a fun restaurant that's not a chain, I usually order something that sounds good or whatever I want to try. However, if I'm going to a chain, 9 times out of 10 I order something off of a "lighter" menu. My friend Kayla introduced me to BJ's Chicken Pita Tacos and I LOVE them. I don't get the rice, I either get the caprese salad or brussel sprouts. Try them and thank me later. :) Even if I'm at Subway or something that's overall "healthy" I usually don't get cheese or get my dressing on the side or get none at all. There are a few exceptions where I order a special dressing that I like a lot. 

I hope this is helpful! :) Take my advice with a grain of salt. I'm no dietician, so for all I know I'm making some major mistakes with my diet here.. but it seems to be working well. :) Something that's also really helped me is doing Wal Mart grocery pickup.. I'll share more about this in a post on how I meal plan, but for now I thought I would share another update.. I'm still loving it and it has taken something that could be stressful with a little babe and turned it into a no brainer. I also like it because sometimes I can't find something I need in the store, and this guarantees I have everything that I need! :) 
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