Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday No. 58

No. 1

My number one favorite for the week is without a doubt sharing another first holiday with this boy. We started a new tradition of a Valentines lunch together while daddy is at work. Such a precious time together! The cherry on top of an already sweet day was Beau saying "mama" for the first time! Before our date, when I went in to get him from nap he smiled so big and said "mama!!!" and I scooped him up and kept asking "did you say mama? did you say mama?" which he thought was hilarious. I figured it didn't count because there is no way he knows what mama means... right? haha! But that evening my mother in law and sister in law stopped by for Beau and my niece to exchange valentines (aren't they cute?) and I was telling them the story and Beau looked up so proud and said "MAMA!!" so that sealed the deal and his first word will forever and ever be mama on his first Valentine's Day. Be still my heart!! 

No. 2
 The second I saw this outfit on Cecil and Lou I commented, sold! I recognized it as similar to the outfit below that was worn by Prince George a few years ago. It really is almost exactly the same. I'm so excited about it, Beau will look so sweet and wear this all summer long! Cecil and Lou is probably my overall favorite shop for baby boy! I remember when we found out we were having a boy it was so tricky to find anything I even sort of liked in store.. then I found the online treasure troves!

No. 3

This is a week of lots of new workouts! My friend Heather posted this video of her workout with baby and I was like YES! Super fun for me to do with Beau for a quick workout that I'll feel. I can't say that my form was as good as Heather's though! Highly recommend, y'all!! When we did some of the ab work Beau was giggling like crazy. I think this video would be great to do in the middle of one of those days where you feel like a worn out mama.. get some blood flowing and your baby giggling!!

I also rediscovered Blogilates and actually did a bunch of her workouts.. obsessed is an understatement. I love how positive she is.

No. 4

Another sweet thing this week was that I realized Beau was about to outgrow one of Ben's outfits from when he was a baby... so we had to get a good photo quick! It's funny because Beau looks so much like adult Ben, but we didn't think he looks too much like baby Ben. Haha!

No. 5
I need y'all to bear with me here. There is a bunch of really cute stuff at TALBOTS. Yes, you read that right. Yes, I'm 26. Haha!! You'd obviously have to pair some younger items with some of these pieces.. But seriously, look! 

These floral moccasins are even cuter.

Another scalloped item.. this dress. It would be super cute for easter with nude pumps if you're the pumps wearing kind. :) 

And in case you were wondering about my style of swimsuit... the more modest the better. Especially now as a mama. This one caught my eye! I told y'all Talbots was cute!! Haha! ;)

Happy Weekend y'all!! 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Baby Beau: 9 Months

9 Months as of 2/11/17

I never want to forget all that Beau changed this month! I feel like my monthly update posts have become a little stale, and I want to go back and add some more info. I realize that I always forget a ton of details and then I read other people's and remember lots of things that I could have talked about, haha! So you may think this post is information overload.. oops! But anyway.. this month I feel like Beau grew up so much. He's all of a sudden super busy and curious into everything. Sitting up so well and leaning in lots of different ways, trying so hard to crawl, getting his first two teeth. This month I've allowed quite a few cat naps with Beau sleeping on his mama.. now more than ever I can see these precious moments slipping away. I didn't think it was possible to keep falling more and more in love with Beau each month, but I do. I'm so grateful to be his mama. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Life Lately + Nordstrom Giveaway Reminder

The last few weeks have been a sweet blur of time with family and friends. It's so crazy to me how January felt so slow and how February is already half over. For us, this means getting a new niece or nephew in just a few weeks. We're getting so excited! :) Last weekend we had a baby shower in celebration of this sweet baby! 

These guys escaped to Ben's parents house and this selfie might be my favorite thing that's ever happened.  Please note that I clearly did not dress Beau, haha! :) 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

26 for 26

Today I turn 26, yippee! Birthdays in my world are a whole lot more exciting when they belong to other people, but I'm trying to embrace this milestone. Meanwhile I've had pinterest boards for multiple Beau's first birthday themes since before he was born, we're taking a birthday trip for him, and having multiple photo shoots but that's normal.. right? RIGHT? ;)

I thought it might be fun to share 26 things about me for those of y'all that are newer to my blog.. and for those of y'all who have been around for awhile. I tried to make them as random and interesting as possible! :)
  1. I've never played on an organized sports team. Not even soccer when I was four, like most people do. Literally never. 
  2. My middle name is Louise and I've really disliked it since I was little. I used to tell people my middle name was "Pink" because of it being my favorite color. Now we've talked about using Louise as a middle name for a future baby girl Strader.. we've come full circle! 
  3. In my mind I have hair categorized as "short" right now although I know for a lot of people my hair would be considered long. 
  4. I really REALLY like organizing things. When I figure out a new way to keep something organized I get so excited. For example, I just found that container store has paper towel holders that mount to the inside of your cabinet and my world is rocked. 
  5. I cried when Beau saw Santa for the first time. It was just such a sweet and surreal thing for my first born babe to be doing something so iconic. 
  6. I've never seen Forrest Gump or The Sandlot. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What I Would Do Differently + The Same in Pregnancy

Several of my sweet friends are expecting, so I have been talking a ton about my experiences as a new mama! This has caused me to really think about the things that I would do the same and differently in the process moving forward. What do I feel like I know better now, after having those experiences. I feel like I have the most of these things for having a newborn, but I'm going to start a series of these reflection posts with pregnancy! It feels like a lifetime ago.. and it kind of is! Two years ago we were starting the process of hoping to get pregnant.

The Same: 
  • I used Burt's Bee's Mama Bee belly butter throughout my pregnancy, and made it to the end with no stretch marks! I have a few stretch marks on other parts of my body so I don't think this was because I was genetically not going to get them.. like I know some people say. I recently heard Palmer's Coconut Oil is great too, so I'd be interested in trying that. 
  • I'd spend significant time working on the baby's nursery. The evenings when Ben got home from work and we spent time organizing and decorating for Beau were so sweet, and made us feel so close to our son whom we had yet to meet. 
  • I tried really hard to stay active during my pregnancy, and achieved my goal of working out the day that we went to the hospital. I will 1000% make this a priority in all future pregnancies. Beau will be riding in his stroller for lots of walks. :) I really think this helped me feel like "myself" for my whole pregnancy and right after I delivered. I also think this helped a lot with recovery. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My 26th Birthday Wishlist + $600 NORDSTROM GIFTCARD GIVEAWAY

It wouldn't be a Victoria wishlist without a dress or two or three!

Is it silly that this pullover is one of the items I'm wanting the most for my birthday? Mom style is taking over!

You know you're old when.... I'd really like to replace a few of our cookie sheets!

The big thing on my wishlist this year is a Cricut machine. It suddenly hit me that this would be something I would use all the time to make party stuff for all of the showers and birthdays I host. I did a bunch of research and this one seems the most user friendly from the comparisons that I've looked at. I'll keep y'all posted!

I love my other Skinnytaste cookbook, so I'm sure I'd love the quick meals + crockpot version!

If any of these things caught your eye ;)... 

I have teamed up with a great group of bloggers to give someone a $600 giftcard to Nordstrom. To enter simply complete the steps in the Rafflecopter below. Each item you complete is a separate entry so complete them all for your best chances of winning. Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on 12/13 and the winner will be notified via the rafflecopter below. Good Luck!
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