Tuesday, October 26, 2010

okay. this just happened.
you may have to click on it to see up close. but basically, EMILY LOERKE, THE EMILY LOERKE of COMMENTED ON MY STATUS.
this is the lady that katie and i use the phrase "what would emily loerke do?" about.
not kidding.
this moment literally made my day.

i won't lie. i woke up in a mood kind of.
i got my math test back. i got a 36. i'm a winner!
but then this happened.

Monday, October 25, 2010

amazon.come is doing great things for my life.
i loooove reading. love love reading.

but lately i feel like the material that i read comes from either:
my theater textbook
my history textbook and/or some kind of awesome historical document (ex: common sense. holla at thomas paine!)
random children's books for my education lit class

so with just a few finger clicks i enriched my life with some used books off of amazon.

The Company they kept: Writers on Unforgetable Friendships-
an anthro pick. obvi.
Flotsam, David Wiesner:
i was drawn to this book when we went over it in my childrens lit class. there are no words in the entire book. it's about a camera that is passed down for generations by being left for kids on the beach an the whole story is told in pictures. it's lovely. i had to have it.

So Long, Insecurity, Beth Moore:
okay. i'm a college girl. this is a struggle. i am trying to give this struggle up to the Lord and truly believe with every bit of my heart that His love is better than all else and that my worth comes directly from Him.. so obviously here comes Beth Moore to the rescue. i almost didn't purchase this based on the large picture of her face on the cover. which is kind of ironic.

Inspirations: Selections from Classic Literature:
anthro pick. and i truly expect this to be a joy in my life.
The Happiness Project: Gretchen Rusin:
anthro pick. and i just feel like it will be fun and obviously happy to read.
Lunch in Paris: A love story with recipe, Elizabeth Bard:
well a) i was born in Paris so i love all things Francais, but also b) anthro pick. OH! and c) i want to be a good cook and this novel is littered with yummy things to test out!

life is a verb: 37 days to wake up, be mindful, and live intentionally, Patti Digh:
okay so i think that i'm starting to look like i just got a ton of self help books. i'll be honest. i was drawn to this book by its cover. but it was only like six dollars. and it was on that you might also like little area of the page. so i splurged six dollars.
Let the Nations be Glad, John Piper:
i just like reading about missions these days. and john piper is a balla.
Mini Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella:
i LOVE sophie kinsella. i love the shopaholic books. i don't care who knows it and if it makes me less cool. chick lit is just GREAT!! and she's british. which i love. because the dialect feels like home to me.

so there's what i'll be doing instead of actually dedicating myself to my studies the next few weeks. well, that, and listening to the new taylor swift cd (some of it sounds kind of like paramore which i'm not really a fan of. but there are still some amazing new favorites) or the civil wars (OBSESSED.)

but in the case of today, i'll be writing a paper, feeling very ill and sleepy, and being heartbroken about missing theta meeting tonight for class.


ps. what is an anthro pick, you ask?
it's me going through the books they sell at anthropologie and then finding them for cheap on amazon. done.

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Today I am feeling joyful and weepy at the same time.
Weepy with thanksgiving.Weepy because I was adopted by Him.Weepy that there is nothing I can do that will make
Him love me less.
Weepy that He will always purse and forgive me.
He will never abandon me.
He will never harm me.
He loves me."

Our God doesn’t waste time. He has a plan for today and tomorrow. Let your yes be yes. Go 100% and let God call the shots. God says to us, “do this” and we immediately start counting the cost instead of being obedient and just simply saying yes. The bottom line is, if He says ‘do it’ we shouldn’t care what the cost is because He is enough."

God is so good. I am pretty sure He is the one dreaming up these scenes in my head and is making them come true"

i just logged some serious time online shopping. it's kind of silly. it's also a friday night. a friday night that i set aside to write a paper. whoopsies! i've been just browsing many websites and then. it. hit. me. my love for toms shoes just kept growing and growing. thanks to these two little love bundles (er, i guess it is technically four total love bundles).

ohmysquirrels i'm in love. especially with the second pair. especially since they don't just donate a pair of shoes to a child, but also three wells for clean water. FREAK OUT. so i go to order them, and oh stink, i don't have size 5 or size 11 shoes. my life stinks.
oh well. yellow will suffice for me here in a few days when the desire to own those cannot be held in any longer.
my estimate is in a few hours when kassidy comes over and i show them to her and she's like "GET THEM!"

anywhoodle. i started this blog post past night and am finishing it this morning.
last night i read a lot of blog posts about Christian families adopting and they literally just touched my heart and encouraged me beyond belief. my biggest desire in life (other than bringing those to know our precious savior!) is to have children one day. i CANNOT wait to be a mom. there are several families in my life that have struggled to have children and its in the back of my mind that that could one day be a struggle that the Lord places in my life. Reading the beautiful stories of adoption really encouraged me that regardless, i will one day be a mommy. it's exciting. if any random guy i know from high school clicked on this on a whim, he is bored and thinks i'm weird right now. but girls, you get it! somehow through reading these things, i was legitimately inspired to get up and do some things around the house, (without complaining or arguing) when i wake up, post quiet time. wellllll, i slept in quite late due to my reading blogs till 2am. and then read my bible and journaled. and now i'm finishing this. and then i'm off to make my house sparkle. simply because it is service.

blessings! :)

letter lovin.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today i discovered today's letters.
spend some time on that little lovey love.

i decided that in honor of this discovery i would write my post like that. just for one day. probably. because it's so so fun. but i don't want to be repetitive. and unoriginal.

dear breakaway ministries, thank you for giving me something to look forward to on tuesday nights. you're reppin Jesus quite nicely. dear roomie, i'm sorry bad things keep happening to you. such as your second car wreck this year. you don't deserve it. and i promise God has better things planned. dear mathematics, i am not good at you. dear future career choice, i feel so truly blessed to have you and i have realized that this week. i am 100% confident in the fact that education is the right major for me. it's a dandy feeling. dear headache, you are making writing this in a room full of loud rangers fans not so fab. dear a&m, i enjoy you. dear best friend of my whole life, i miss you so much. i'm truly happy for all the opportunities that are appearing in your life at ACU. dear life, please become less busy so i can truly be there for everyone that i desire to. i care about you people, i'm not ignoring you on purpose! dear Lord, these struggles that you're putting in my life are so heartbreaking, but please give me your strength. please keep encouraging my heart for your purposes. i trust you. dear neat freak streak that has appeared in my heart, i like you. everything in my room is sparkly. dear future husband, i'm praying for you. i believe you're out there. and i believe that you can't wait to love me. and serve with me. and follow God's footsteps for us with me.

"My tattoo says I AM in Sanskrit. I AM is my favorite name for God because to me it's the perfect example of contentment. We never walk around saying I AM; we always finish our sentence with I AM tired, I AM hungry, I AM ready to eat, etc. God doesn't need to finish His statement because if He did, it would imply that He changes and He never does. If I'm honest, most of my thoughts are either spent worrying about the future or reflecting on the past. Both of these thoughts rarely include the Lord. My tattoo acts as a reminder to be fully present wherever I AM, and to learn to be content whatever my circumstances." - Today's letters on her tattoo.

that is dandy. and makes me want a tat. even though i am so not a tat kind of girl. i want to teach kindergarten!! eeekkkk!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

oh hello.
lately all i do is read blogs so i figured that i should write one.
it's 10 pm. on a sunday night.
i'm sitting on my couch.
daydreaming of things that are pumpkin/cinnamon related.

so probably 90% of the worship songs i heard in a corporate setting this week were relating to the blood of Jesus. it's really refreshing and kind of pulls me back down to earth, just saying "what can make me whole again? NOTHING but the blood of Jesus." holla. that's really truly all that needs to be said about that. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

things i like about college:
schedule- i can go to target at ten am on a wednesday morning, can stay up till four on a sunday night, can actually feel like school is not my whole life on some rare moments such as being able to schedule lunch dates at random times

theta love- i really didn't ever think i'd be a sorority girl. really. but i'm truly just so blessed by the short time of experiences i've already had in theta & am 100% confident that i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be.

yummy!- i can justify midnight snack runs with friends, & mac n cheese.

collegiate gear- i love me some maroon clothing items.

independence- obviously there will be more of this after i graduate, but as for now, i'm living on my own, with no responsibilities to care for anyone else, and am blessed to have parents that buy my chick fil a.

things i don't like about college:
zzzz- at any given moment, the desire to nap can take over. it comes when you least expect it, & is often inconvenient.

actual academic progress in non-major related classes- i've basically gone to heaven when i'm sitting in children's literature, studying for it, reading about it, etc but i absolutley hate with every bit of me studying for things such as MATH or HISTORY. these weird alien things are just junk. i will be a happy camper here in like a semester when it's all greener pastures and projects about learning phonics for my elementary school teachin hiney!

where's my hubby? where's my baby?- i don't mean to sound like a typical girl, but i am very excited for this stage of life. i need Jesus to make me content in where i'm at right now. i can't wish days away. i will be old and wrinkly on a porch showing everyone pictures of my grandbabies before i know it!

WOOOOO!- lots of people like to party. those parties are loud. those parties make people i care about sometimes be in dangerous situations. i know i'm a grandma. but please be safe, lovies.

missing home- i really don't miss home. when i come back to my house in college station, it feels like home. but i do wish that i owned a private jet or even better had some kind of floo network or apparation skill a la harry potter. why? because i miss my home church so much sometimes. i just feel comfy and loved and those two feelings are just great as a setup for learnin from the Lord!
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