Monday, October 25, 2010

amazon.come is doing great things for my life.
i loooove reading. love love reading.

but lately i feel like the material that i read comes from either:
my theater textbook
my history textbook and/or some kind of awesome historical document (ex: common sense. holla at thomas paine!)
random children's books for my education lit class

so with just a few finger clicks i enriched my life with some used books off of amazon.

The Company they kept: Writers on Unforgetable Friendships-
an anthro pick. obvi.
Flotsam, David Wiesner:
i was drawn to this book when we went over it in my childrens lit class. there are no words in the entire book. it's about a camera that is passed down for generations by being left for kids on the beach an the whole story is told in pictures. it's lovely. i had to have it.

So Long, Insecurity, Beth Moore:
okay. i'm a college girl. this is a struggle. i am trying to give this struggle up to the Lord and truly believe with every bit of my heart that His love is better than all else and that my worth comes directly from Him.. so obviously here comes Beth Moore to the rescue. i almost didn't purchase this based on the large picture of her face on the cover. which is kind of ironic.

Inspirations: Selections from Classic Literature:
anthro pick. and i truly expect this to be a joy in my life.
The Happiness Project: Gretchen Rusin:
anthro pick. and i just feel like it will be fun and obviously happy to read.
Lunch in Paris: A love story with recipe, Elizabeth Bard:
well a) i was born in Paris so i love all things Francais, but also b) anthro pick. OH! and c) i want to be a good cook and this novel is littered with yummy things to test out!

life is a verb: 37 days to wake up, be mindful, and live intentionally, Patti Digh:
okay so i think that i'm starting to look like i just got a ton of self help books. i'll be honest. i was drawn to this book by its cover. but it was only like six dollars. and it was on that you might also like little area of the page. so i splurged six dollars.
Let the Nations be Glad, John Piper:
i just like reading about missions these days. and john piper is a balla.
Mini Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella:
i LOVE sophie kinsella. i love the shopaholic books. i don't care who knows it and if it makes me less cool. chick lit is just GREAT!! and she's british. which i love. because the dialect feels like home to me.

so there's what i'll be doing instead of actually dedicating myself to my studies the next few weeks. well, that, and listening to the new taylor swift cd (some of it sounds kind of like paramore which i'm not really a fan of. but there are still some amazing new favorites) or the civil wars (OBSESSED.)

but in the case of today, i'll be writing a paper, feeling very ill and sleepy, and being heartbroken about missing theta meeting tonight for class.


ps. what is an anthro pick, you ask?
it's me going through the books they sell at anthropologie and then finding them for cheap on amazon. done.


  1. Via facebook, I came across your blog, & I just started a blog too! After becoming addicted to reading other peoples, I felt compelled to start my own, haha, even though it's totally lame, but I hope for it to one day be as cool as everyone elses. :)
    Hope all is going well with you, Victoria.
    & those books look amazing, I cannot wait to have time to read good books again!! Enjoy them.

  2. Victoria, so glad to have a piece of your life online for my viewing pleasure! You are a wonderful inspiration. Mostly I just wanted to tell you to go to, sign up, and enjoy. It's free. And it's alllllll about books! Ok that's all! Love!


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