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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today i discovered today's letters.
spend some time on that little lovey love.

i decided that in honor of this discovery i would write my post like that. just for one day. probably. because it's so so fun. but i don't want to be repetitive. and unoriginal.

dear breakaway ministries, thank you for giving me something to look forward to on tuesday nights. you're reppin Jesus quite nicely. dear roomie, i'm sorry bad things keep happening to you. such as your second car wreck this year. you don't deserve it. and i promise God has better things planned. dear mathematics, i am not good at you. dear future career choice, i feel so truly blessed to have you and i have realized that this week. i am 100% confident in the fact that education is the right major for me. it's a dandy feeling. dear headache, you are making writing this in a room full of loud rangers fans not so fab. dear a&m, i enjoy you. dear best friend of my whole life, i miss you so much. i'm truly happy for all the opportunities that are appearing in your life at ACU. dear life, please become less busy so i can truly be there for everyone that i desire to. i care about you people, i'm not ignoring you on purpose! dear Lord, these struggles that you're putting in my life are so heartbreaking, but please give me your strength. please keep encouraging my heart for your purposes. i trust you. dear neat freak streak that has appeared in my heart, i like you. everything in my room is sparkly. dear future husband, i'm praying for you. i believe you're out there. and i believe that you can't wait to love me. and serve with me. and follow God's footsteps for us with me.

"My tattoo says I AM in Sanskrit. I AM is my favorite name for God because to me it's the perfect example of contentment. We never walk around saying I AM; we always finish our sentence with I AM tired, I AM hungry, I AM ready to eat, etc. God doesn't need to finish His statement because if He did, it would imply that He changes and He never does. If I'm honest, most of my thoughts are either spent worrying about the future or reflecting on the past. Both of these thoughts rarely include the Lord. My tattoo acts as a reminder to be fully present wherever I AM, and to learn to be content whatever my circumstances." - Today's letters on her tattoo.

that is dandy. and makes me want a tat. even though i am so not a tat kind of girl. i want to teach kindergarten!! eeekkkk!


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