Thursday, October 14, 2010

things i like about college:
schedule- i can go to target at ten am on a wednesday morning, can stay up till four on a sunday night, can actually feel like school is not my whole life on some rare moments such as being able to schedule lunch dates at random times

theta love- i really didn't ever think i'd be a sorority girl. really. but i'm truly just so blessed by the short time of experiences i've already had in theta & am 100% confident that i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be.

yummy!- i can justify midnight snack runs with friends, & mac n cheese.

collegiate gear- i love me some maroon clothing items.

independence- obviously there will be more of this after i graduate, but as for now, i'm living on my own, with no responsibilities to care for anyone else, and am blessed to have parents that buy my chick fil a.

things i don't like about college:
zzzz- at any given moment, the desire to nap can take over. it comes when you least expect it, & is often inconvenient.

actual academic progress in non-major related classes- i've basically gone to heaven when i'm sitting in children's literature, studying for it, reading about it, etc but i absolutley hate with every bit of me studying for things such as MATH or HISTORY. these weird alien things are just junk. i will be a happy camper here in like a semester when it's all greener pastures and projects about learning phonics for my elementary school teachin hiney!

where's my hubby? where's my baby?- i don't mean to sound like a typical girl, but i am very excited for this stage of life. i need Jesus to make me content in where i'm at right now. i can't wish days away. i will be old and wrinkly on a porch showing everyone pictures of my grandbabies before i know it!

WOOOOO!- lots of people like to party. those parties are loud. those parties make people i care about sometimes be in dangerous situations. i know i'm a grandma. but please be safe, lovies.

missing home- i really don't miss home. when i come back to my house in college station, it feels like home. but i do wish that i owned a private jet or even better had some kind of floo network or apparation skill a la harry potter. why? because i miss my home church so much sometimes. i just feel comfy and loved and those two feelings are just great as a setup for learnin from the Lord!

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