Friday, October 22, 2010

"Today I am feeling joyful and weepy at the same time.
Weepy with thanksgiving.Weepy because I was adopted by Him.Weepy that there is nothing I can do that will make
Him love me less.
Weepy that He will always purse and forgive me.
He will never abandon me.
He will never harm me.
He loves me."

Our God doesn’t waste time. He has a plan for today and tomorrow. Let your yes be yes. Go 100% and let God call the shots. God says to us, “do this” and we immediately start counting the cost instead of being obedient and just simply saying yes. The bottom line is, if He says ‘do it’ we shouldn’t care what the cost is because He is enough."

God is so good. I am pretty sure He is the one dreaming up these scenes in my head and is making them come true"

i just logged some serious time online shopping. it's kind of silly. it's also a friday night. a friday night that i set aside to write a paper. whoopsies! i've been just browsing many websites and then. it. hit. me. my love for toms shoes just kept growing and growing. thanks to these two little love bundles (er, i guess it is technically four total love bundles).

ohmysquirrels i'm in love. especially with the second pair. especially since they don't just donate a pair of shoes to a child, but also three wells for clean water. FREAK OUT. so i go to order them, and oh stink, i don't have size 5 or size 11 shoes. my life stinks.
oh well. yellow will suffice for me here in a few days when the desire to own those cannot be held in any longer.
my estimate is in a few hours when kassidy comes over and i show them to her and she's like "GET THEM!"

anywhoodle. i started this blog post past night and am finishing it this morning.
last night i read a lot of blog posts about Christian families adopting and they literally just touched my heart and encouraged me beyond belief. my biggest desire in life (other than bringing those to know our precious savior!) is to have children one day. i CANNOT wait to be a mom. there are several families in my life that have struggled to have children and its in the back of my mind that that could one day be a struggle that the Lord places in my life. Reading the beautiful stories of adoption really encouraged me that regardless, i will one day be a mommy. it's exciting. if any random guy i know from high school clicked on this on a whim, he is bored and thinks i'm weird right now. but girls, you get it! somehow through reading these things, i was legitimately inspired to get up and do some things around the house, (without complaining or arguing) when i wake up, post quiet time. wellllll, i slept in quite late due to my reading blogs till 2am. and then read my bible and journaled. and now i'm finishing this. and then i'm off to make my house sparkle. simply because it is service.

blessings! :)

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  1. I SO! agree with the overwhelming feeling that comes over me all too often (if I could bold that I would!) about being a Mommy someday. Boys don't get it yet-- but oh Lordy I am SO ready for that phase of my life to begin and the silly college phase to be o-v-e-r! I'm glad I'm not the only crazy one out there who is ready for marriage bliss and baby bumps!!


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