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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

today i am thankful for freedom.

okay, no really.
my decision to make freedom the thing that i evaluate my thankfulness for came around 11:10 this morning. the time that my first class (ironically, american history) started. the time that i was chillin in my room reading blogs and doing math homework. i am so thankful for the freedom to take mental health days. to evaluate situations and make my own decisions.. to a certain extent.

the goal was to make today's post silly and short. but then i spent some time at the breakaway ministries go missions conference!

i got to help work the Next Worldwide table and talk to people about the passion for missions that was sparked by a mission trip i went on with next last summer. oh man. thinking back to that beautiful week just makes my heart smile. i wish that was the topic for this blog. but it's not. consider this a preview. i'm sure i'll write about that trip at some point, because let's be honest. i am so incredibly thankful for that amazing blessing!

the message of the evening, from Afshim Ziafat, who teaches at a church in Dallas, and also at Baylor's Vertical Ministries.. i've heard him lots of times. okay, anyways. of course the topic was missions. but one thing that he said really stuck with me. i wrote it down in my journal.

Freedom comes when we realize there is nothing we can do to earn God's love.

this wasn't the topic at all. but i loved it. AND it fit with my thankfulness for today.

SO. today i am thankful that i can skip class, that i can share the gospel where i want to, & that Christ has set me free.



i arrived home to this on my desk tonight. thank you, sweet friend.

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