Wednesday, November 10, 2010

let me paint a picture of joy for you.

at this very moment i am sitting in mugwalls java bar:

with the following lovelies:

christian young

madison mae parker

mary martha klinke


okay. so while i was searching for excellente pictures of these amazing girls we were surprised by the arrival of the lovely hayes sisters:

arrington and ansley:

i obviously found the best pics of everyone. if you don't know these girls, this post is annoying. but each of them are just so wonderfully encouraging to my existence. starting from rush, i started praying that the Lord would provide awesome friendships for me in theta, and i can honestly say that i believe i have those girls. :)

i am living the typical college life right now, having homework and study things floating above my head but i couldn't be happier to not be doing what i'm supposed to be doing right now. love it.

this weekend i was reminded of my genuine love for my home church, first baptist church of justin. we have finally found a head pastor and i could just feel that our church was finally united as a family of believers. it was the most amazing feeling ever. AND it was orphan sunday. which is just bonkers because lately the Lord has so been putting it on my heart to one day adopt. obvi, i'm 19 going on 20 and clearly not about to adopt a buhhbay. but i know it's something that i want to consider one day, it excited me that my future hubs may potentially have this on his heart also. there is a PRECIOUS family that has a zillion kids. they adopted two sweet little girls, have one little boy that is theirs, and they just adopted four siblings from ethiopia. obsessed.

the oldest of the two sisters that they adopted kept making eye contact with me during service and we kept exchanging smiles. and afterwards she came up to me and handed me this little box of what we're going to call jesus mints. she said "these are for you." and we had a little hug.
it was absolutley adorable and warmed my heart.

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