Saturday, November 6, 2010

okay. so.. i have been a smidge lazy with blogging.

okay. that's not even true. i've just been busy. life has been happening.
and blogging every day is maybe not realistic.

i wouldn't think anyone would have even noticed except my lovely friend reebs posted on my facebook wall:

it's a smidge blurry because i made it bigger. yes, my friend reebs does have on a Rastafari hat on in her pic.

so let's back up.

november fourth thankful thing:

so friendships are something that you're basically thankful for on the daily. but thursday morning i was reminded of this in a lovely way. i was blessed to spend time with three precious girls over the time period of wednesday night to thursday night and each of them just blessed me so much.

i love you katie willis! i included this picture of katie and i because it is a pretty good look at our natural selves. and basically the world outside of people who know us both really well is convinced that we're twins. when we were in Canton, people in one booth were so excited to see such look-alike sisters and when we said we weren't at all related all the other shoppers were displaying shock and awe. what do yall think?! katie always proves to be such a blessing in my life simply because she is someone that i know i don't hold anything back with. i know that when i'm with her it's easy for my absolute real heart to come out in whatever we are discussing and i think that displays so much good character on her part. she is always sharing with me comforting words and encouragement that comes direct from our Savior. a friendship like this is to be treasured. :)

i love you jodee morgan. i chose this picture of jodee and i because we're in the car. and we've spent a lot of time experiencing joy and blessing in the car the past few days. on thursday we went to a mutual friend's birthday party together, and jodee, bless her heart, is not the best driver. she is just so distracted! it provides so much fun though, because as we were about to make a uturn on a major road (texas, for all you, c-stat residents!) she put lotion all over her hands and yelled "I CAN'T TURN IT!!!" so i stretched over and made the uturn at approx 1 mph and then steered us all the way into a parking spot at hobby lobby for some scrapbook paper. imagine us laughing the whole time. we also decided to drive home together this weekend, which turned out to be a HUGE PRAISE for the following reasons: i was the driver & we woke up friday morning with jodee not feeling well at all, so she ended up sleeping in a little ball in the passenger seat for most of the way home. which was great because she could get home without having to drive herself. we made it in record time! three hours from college station to argyle, where jodee lives. no traffic. amazing. besides telling you tons of car stories, i just adore my friendship with jodee in every way and it is great to share all moments with her, the good and the bad. i know i can come to her with anything and that she will be there for me, no questions asked. this is such a lucky thing.

i love you audrey ryon. this little blurb is going to be shorter, not because i love audrey less, but because i need to not bore you few blog readers! the friendship between audrey and i has always been based on serving the Lord. we met on mission trip in mexico and experienced some seriously amazing and beautiful moments while sharing the gospel. on tuesday night we had the privilege of serving together at the go missions conference and literally any time spent with this girl blesses me. even spoons yogurt late thursday night when we are both exhausted! :)

november fifth thankful thing:

on friday i became thankful for being-encouraged-by-biblical-truths-in-songs-slash-hyms-that-pop-into-my-head-instantly-when-i feel-discouraged.

in christ alone, my hope is found.

end of story. made my whole day. you can paint the picture of circumstances on your own.

TODAY thankful thing:

sammi grace and chandler elise lewis.

if you know me at all, you know how much these two precious precious girls mean to me.
they're my youth pastor and his wife's adorable children, and are the little sisters i never had.

neither of these pictures are recent, they're from the summertime. i forgot to snap a good one last night & these little sillies have grown so much since then!

literally every moment i spend with these girls fills my heart with love in some way, shape, or form. sammi and i cut out hearts and wrote down things that we are thankful for on them. seeing her sweet personality was so special! there were so many great moments but the highlight was a very purposeful conversation with sammi after she asked me, out of the blue, "are you a Christian, victoria?" getting to tell sammi yes and tell her again (i know her parents are showering truth on her!) what salvation is and how it comes was just great. i pray for these little lovelies as i know that they will one day be just like me, college girls trying to one day be proverbs 31 women!

hope your day is just filled with blessings! today i will be enjoying home, a haircut, one of my oldest friends, and lunch with a lady who is such a precious encouragement to me. love!

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