Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go,
for to you, I lift up my soul." - Psalm 143:8

this verse is my prayer for the new year, with all of my heart.

christmas break has been just darling so far.

one of my best friends just got engaged! wah-stinking-hoo! :)
i am so legitimately happy for Kristina, and the countless conversations we have had about how much she cares for Andrew make me so excited for them. hearing her talk about their future is just so precious. it is joy.

but obviously the huge highlight of life is that i went to visit lucy in maryland. so basically, i went to lucyland. so great. from beginning, my plane landing in the middle of a snowstorm, till the end, arriving home and realizing how thankful i am for southern charm. so great. the 20something weather was the absolute definition of my catchphrase, chillymcbrrrrrrr! it was very odd transitioning from that to the 78 degree weather in texas!

i must say, though. one of my favorite moments of this past week was while i was waiting at baggage claim for my little big pink, slightly beat up suitcase to appear. i got to see a couple greet each other with more joy than i have ever seen in my life. the girl: really cute short blonde hair and a warm christmassy sweater with jeans and cute boots. the boy= cowboy hat, button up shirt, jeans, and boots. they literally sprinted to each other and he lifted her up into a huge hug and his hat went flying, only for a passerby to hand it back to him and kept chatting and he would just grab her in his arms and keep kissing her and staring at her. meanwhile, i'm like tearing up at them from the other side of the window like the creeper i am. not a big deal.

i am a hopeless romantic. i don't even really understand what that phrase means. but i do think it means i like romance. which is true. so let's just go with it.

and last night i got to meet my favorite blogger in the world!!!! emily loerke of today's letters! literally, she was about a thousand times more amazing in real life. i am so genuinely inspired by how everything about her; from her kind and welcoming heart, to her silly charm, reflected Jesus. amazingness.

AND we kited her. :)

the night was sealed with a conversation full of love and healing with my dear sweet katie. she is such a precious friend.

i am blessed. so are you, whether you realize it at this moment are not.
if you're reading this, i pray that you enjoy the holidays for all that they are,
for who they are about, Jesus!



  1. kite me! kite me! i'll be an honorary theta anytime. loved meeting you chickies last night. lovely, you are. ps, your post today ... beyond humbling. xoxo! em

  2. Victoria, oh my goodness, I literally teared up reading your post. You are beyond precious my sweet friend. We need to hang out so soon please!

    PS: I adore your header! HOW did you do this?! I want to learn how so I can make one too!


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