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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

on sunday night i found what could very well be my new favorite scripture.

"And you show that you are a letter
from Christ,
delivered by us,
written not with ink but with the
Spirit of the living God,
not on tablets of stone,
but on human hearts."
- 2 Corinthians 3:3

i love everything about this verse. i love the visual metaphor of letter's from Christ,
and i love the thought of His words being engraved on our hearts.
this verse will now officially be tatooed on my arms, posted on my status, tweeted on my twitter, written on my mirror.... wellllll, not really. but i did write it in my journal and print it out in a lovely font and hang it from the clothesline of notes above my bed.
when i read those beautiful words i just feel so genuinely inspired to examine my heart,
and want to just continue to grow it. (by it, i mean.. my heart? that sounds weird, kind of.)
I just want the Lord to continue to break me in whatever ways He needs to give me His heart. Wow. I just typed that in the flow of my thoughts and i'm absolutley positive that my mind can't even comprehend what praying something like that actually means. My heart is almost, craving worship right now. I just need to get alone with the Lord. And by alone, i mean at the all worship Breakaway tonight, which will be packed with thousands of A&M students. Yet, I know I will be able to get alone with my Savior, and sit at His feet for a conversation. It's a beautiful thing. It really is.

On a lighter note, I have been so amazingly overwhelmed with the wonderful people in my life these days. Last week i was basically on my death bed of sickness and some of my beautiful Theta sisters literally took care of me in anyway they could. Driving me to the doctor, bringing supplies, and praying over me while i cried in pain. I am so blessed! I am also a giggly little girl right now with joy that one of my best friends in the whole world is about to have some amazing changes in her life that start her future. eeek!

in nine days i will be here:

and here:

(looking at this picture of dc just made me literally FREAK OUT with excitement!)

with this lady:

there is so much joy in that. i am literally so excited to spend a few days with sweet lucy in her neck of the woods, which happens to be somewhere that i have a sick obsession with finally visiting. (DC!!)

i have to praise the Lord for Him directing my eyes to the good, and letting the bad sit in the back of my mind. thanks to madi mae, i am now a spontaneous girl who dyes her hair into a "chocolate velvet" color. our theta christmas party was just fabulous. i'll be home for break soon, and crafting will be my new major for around a month. nope, i can't find anything to complain about. xoxo!

( i love this last picture so much that it is my phone background, my computer background, and my profile picture. awesome blossom!)

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  1. lovin' your blog--- you seem like such an awesome, sweet girl with a heart after God. and THAT is awesome. LOVE IT!


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