so terribly lost.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i'll keep this short and sweet.

or at least i'll try. :)

today was a whirlwind! one that ended with taking my dear bestie, madison mae, back to her house, a few towns over. it was nightime and pouring rain and i found myself easily getting lost among all the streets and it was basically the most stressful thing of my life due to the rain and the trying to balance driving with iphone holding/direction viewing. i literally drove 20 or 30 minutes out of the way. bonkers. but once i finally figured out where i was and turned around, i knew that there was a spiritual application dangling right before my eyes. in just those twenty or so minutes of being lost a few towns over from home, i got a bit emotional and literally felt like i was abandoned. and hopeless. and frustrated. and drained beyond belief. then i realized how scary life would be to walk (instead of metaphorically drive) through, lost. trying to juggle things while feeling like you're falling into danger. overwhelmed. without direction at all. so basically not awesome. i'm thankful that the feelings i felt while driving around ended as i pulled into my driveway.

what a good reminder that i'm blessed, regardless of what blessings "are supposed to feel like."

oh and also, today i discovered sprinkles cupcakes. obsessed.

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