Sunday, January 9, 2011

oh, "wintery mix". how you keep my mother from allowing me to drive, and therefore substitute church with the creation of this blog. sigh. :(

So this morning, as i listen to the rain that will soon become icy roads fall against my windowpanes, i'm going to explore new years resolutions. i've never really done them before. they seem kind of silly. i think back to myself a year ago and i like to believe i've come leaps and bounds, without the help of setting a random little goal that i'll never accomplish! BUT, i mean, it's worth a shot, right?

but instead of coming up with one crazy thing that i will probably fail at, i'm just going to hit up a bucket list for this year. some things might happen and others might not. but i'll have something to look at for inspiration on a boring day.

Bucket List! Oooh, La La!
Try to keep the year as regret-free as possible.
Turn to God first in a crisis, not all my precious friends on speed dial.
Read a bunch of the old testament. and not like psalms and proverbs. but like, 2 kings. the big mommas of the big OT. the things i'm afraid to read bc i think i won't understand.
clean out my room at home and get rid of all the junk!
make all those crafts that i saved ideas for and never make.
be more intentional about following those tugs in my heart.
decide, once and for all, if i like, or dislike, honey butter chicken biscuits.
keep on loving all those who i care about, even if they aren't in the same town as me.
watch a football game. not attend. WATCH.
Go to Seattle. (okay. so, i saw this on someone else's bucket list and added it to mine since i'm already going there for a mission trip in june. i'm a cheater. eek!)
Go fruit picking.
Take a weekend trip to a different city.
Make my bed for a month.(this is kind of cheating. i love making my bed. this will be easy. but i like feeling successful!)
Write a "if anything ever happens to me" letter.
Surprise someone. (with a visit, flowers, something nice)
Send some fun mail to 5 friends.
Be intentional with investing my time in someone younger than me. aka discipleship!
Pray for someone specific for a month straight. repeat.
Finish all the books on my reading list.
Find a place to serve, long term, in college station. complete!
Do required reading the first time i think about it.
Enjoy every second i have left living with Paigey.
but also, look forward to living in the new house with Mere, Brynn, and Heather!
Spend less time stalking anthropologie sales.
Talk a walk in the rain.
Try not to look forward to mom/wife life too much.
Cut coupons!
Take tons of pictures and put them in albums of boxes to be later viewed by my children.
Support a Compassion Child. (complete!)
Do not buy anything for myself for one whole month.

... for now.

His love, & Mine.

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  1. Find a place to serve, long term, in college station.

    Okay-- I am looking to do this too! We can help each other with it!


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