Tuesday, January 4, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things!

1. celebrating the birth of someone who looks like the main character from ratatouille
2. emotions and joy being stirred up by a song that i haven't heard in awhile.
"Oh, How He Loves", never leave my heart.
3. long conversations with should-be-strangers while their twin sleeps nearby
4. chick fil a. ALWAYS.
5. being a maid of honor:

6. the large world map that is now hanging on my wall
7. colored bowls from anthropologie
8. cutting shapes out of antique book pages
9. this song: (and all others, kari jobe!)

10. new shoes!
11. writing short prayers on the inside cover of my bible, dating them, and waiting to see the Lord provide.
12. a new favorite movie: Tangled!

ps. i want to live this moment.

12. a whole new planner, for a whole new year. thanks vera bradley.
13. speaking of new stationary, getting to start a new journal. coincidentally at the beginning of the year.
14. a friend asking if we can make that friendship a serious one full of serious talks.
15. spilling chick fil a sauce all over the inside of the only purse i brought home for christmas break. oh wait, that's not so much a favorite! also with the non favorites topic: the scary nasty black swan movie & being stared at by a middle age man in barnes and nobles
16. sammi grace, chandler elise, and baby lewis #3. (can't wait for you to be born, peanut!)
17. the approaching return to college station
18. seeing people i love turn their lives around
19. today's letters new layout
20. sprinkles cupcakes (hey thanks chrisleigh for making me desire obesity via cupcake!)

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