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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

okay. so i've neglected blogging.
and by blogging, i mean, actually posting things on my blog that probably isn't really read by anyone. by blogging, i do not mean looking at blogs. i obviously still do this on the daily. :)

it is spring break. can i just say praise the Lord for that? you don't understand the joy of spring break until you are a college student. and my spring break is literally divided into complete perfection.

first half =
alex compton's lake house with 15 of my precious theta sisters for some fun and relaxation. this trip literally gave me such an appreciation for the girls that have been placed in my life. i can't even explain.

doesn't that look joyous? it was.

and today begins the second half which =
shopping and lunching with my momma, being home and getting to visit with all my first baptist church of justin lovelies, helping katherine with photo shoots, and just more riding in a relaxi-taxi until school & life continues to eat my face.

oh, speaking of school and life eating my face!
can we talk about how faithful Jesus is through it all?
i know this is something discussed often, but really though.
life has literally been crazy, i have been so busy and feeling so overwhelmed but
it has never been more clear to me that He is in control, that He is putting all of these things in my life right now for a reason. this makes my heart smile.

so enjoy your spring break, or enjoy your whatever.
and be jealous of this cute skirt i bought today.

1 comment:

  1. it's about time! I've been wondering where you've been!
    Lake time sounds so joyous right now, especially since I'm no longer on spring break! :(

    I hope the rest of your break is wonderous though!


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