valentine's day!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

this morning when i went to my teaching field work, my sweet kinder class gave me a box that they had filled to the brim with valentines! couldn't possibly have been a more precious way to start my day!

two years ago, we took this picture on valentines day. i thought it would be silly and happy if we took a picture, posing the exact same way. just to see how we've changed and be cute, yanno? :)
but then someone, not me, might i add.. :) was being a little silly.  looking back, the silly pictures make me really happy, which is why i'll share a few here!

then ben suggested, why don't we hold the original picture in our new picture? this idea had pinterest written all over it, which is funny because obviously he's a boy and doesn't know what pinterest has to say about these sorts of things. so that gave us..

this first attempt was a bit too giggly. :)
  success! i loved a relaxing and happy night just hanging out with my best friend, thinking about how good God is to us. hope your valentine's day was swell, however you spent it. there are seasons of life for all things.

i'm liking up to the anderson crew's embrace the camera today- FOR THE FIRST TIME. whoop. :) check it out!

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