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Thursday, March 15, 2012

over christmas break i recieved an anthropologie catalog in the mail. of course.

this page of the catalog really caught my eye:

(this image can be found here on page 32 of the online catalog)

After that, the rest is history. I wanted to do a silly shoot like this. Ours is not as cool because:
a) We are not on a beach
b) We don't have perfect lighting
c) We aren't wearing perfectly coordinated outfits with lots of layering
d) We didn't have our own personal professional photographer

But it makes me so happy. It was really hard to choose just nine images. We had so many.
I think that these two collages with extremely different editing styles look kind of weird so close together. oopsies.

So in case you were wondering, that's what i did on my spring break Thursday afternoon.
On our way back from the creek, a little something took us by surprise.

don't mind how squinty i am! the little turtle captured our attention for awhile before we moved it safely off the road. Matilda wasn't too pleased about all of our attention being on another creature.

As soon as we told her we were headed home though, she got a big smile on her doggie face! 

I'm so thankful for adventures like this. And that's what's on my heart today!
I'm linking up with sweet Casey Wiegand today. I'm so excited about her announced conference. Maybe that will be a step that I take in the bloggy world. Eek!
Last year I won a giveaway of one of her paintings, and Casey was so wonderfully sweet about getting it to me, and personalized it for me. I love it! Picture soon, maybe? :)

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