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Monday, March 12, 2012

Robe Your Mind for Action- Jennifer Wilkin c/o Breakaway Ministries

this podcast has been on my mind almost constantly since i listened to it on friday, driving home from college station. what i walked away with was this; often times as women, we act and think based off of our emotions. we are in fact commanded to love the Lord with our hearts, but also with our minds. this podcast basically detailed how studying scripture is the way to do just that. it really hit home with what i feel like the Lord has been teaching me lately. in january, i started trying to read the bible straight through, starting in genesis. all scripture is powerful and active, but if i'm honest, i'll admit that there have been times where i woke up not particularly wanting to read about all the different kinds of animal sacrifice in Leviticus. but opening up my bible to the next page each day is teaching me (again, as i feel like we all learn this many times throughout our lives) the discipline of being in the word. there is no other rest or wisdom like some time in scripture. i really enjoyed the words that Jennifer Wilkin had to share with college women. i really really enjoy women's ministry things; speakers, books, worship music, etc. boys and girls are just really different, and it's special to hear things that i know are going to be even more specifically catered to my soul. also, my relatively new massive english standard version study bible has been helping with my journey through the old testament. i love sitting behind its crinkly pages with the sparkly sides, reading the crossreferences on mornings where i can barely keep my eyes open. it's a blessing, take my word for it. :)

also,stay tuned for a few changes on my little bloggy this week. i am so excited!

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