a long time coming..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

it's been a while since a blog post. but spring break is here, and so is a lot of inspiration.

if we were having coffee today..

 i'd tell you that a few weeks ago, ben and i drove to and from abilene to see our dear friend Seth perform at Abilene Christian University's Sing Song. we were extra proud of him, but drained when we finally arrived home. nine hours in the car was a little too much for one day.
 i'd tell you that it was a beautiful day to see so many prayers answered when sweet baby Selah Elise Welty was dedicated at church. it has been such a blessing to watch a Godly couple who i have so much respect for go through this adoption process. Selah is perfectly theirs.
 i'd tell you that i've been reading a lot lately, thanks to the inspiration of a teacher i had this semester. it's been wonderful and a great way to free my mind.

 i'd tell you that yesterday morning, to start off spring break, ben and i had breakfast at denny's before leaving college station. the food isn't superb, but the diner atmosphere is just really fun. it was extra early (7am!!) but it was so worth it!

 i'd tell you that one of my first stops arriving at home was anthropologie, of course. i picked up this necklace, on sale for $20! i thought it was so fun and cute!

 i'd tell you that i've been loving this print i picked up from a collaboration between jones design company and lindsay's letters. i spray painted a frame from hobby lobby and it's been on my wall being cute since then.

 i'd tell you that although i didn't go to theta formal, i LOVED helping my dear friend chrisleigh get ready. it really did bless me to help a friend feel beautiful and special. so great!

 after that my night was my best friend and the andy griffith show. i'd never watched it before that night, and it is just really happy. :)
i'd tell you that, i love ziplock baggies and all things organization related. sorry not sorry.

i'd also tell you that starbucks runs before going to weddings are the way to go. starbucks is the way to go, i love the smell and atmosphere, even though i'm not a coffee drinker. :)

i'm linking up in two places today-so lovely!

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