Wyatt Ray.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

yesterday i had the privelidge of taking pictures of the sweetest baby boy i've ever known!
wyatt ray's momma is my sweet room mate from last year, paige nicole. (apparently i like middle names for this post, hehe!)

this shoot was a big deal for a few reasons. first, it was the first time i've intentionally met with someone for photography purposes- eek! after taking these pictures, i feel so encouraged to chase my dreams and be brave and try my hand at photography! second, i am just so thankful for how the Lord has worked in Paige's life by bringing baby Wyatt to us. i've prayed for this little life since the day i found out he was coming, so taking his six month pictures was a breath of fresh air.

i love you momma paigey, and hope you love all of these pictures!
(more to be found on my personal facebook)

these images may not be perfect, but i love them. they are such a symbol of hope for me in so many different ways. also, the world needs to know that this six month old baby let us manipulate him for photography purposes for almost three hours and i saw him frown like twice and cry zero times. he was full of giggles the whole time and i thought that was just the sweetest.

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