Home Tour: so many sweet friends!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I clearly love home decor. I love snooping into people's adorable houses and looking for inspiration in little places. It's especially fun when the home belongs to a group of girls that I respect so greatly. This lovely little house holds Morgan, Katie, Beth, and Grace. Each of their style is so different and represents their personalities so well- precious! (PS some of you may remember Beth from her engagement pictures a few weeks ago!)

Coming into their living room, you just feel so cozy and welcome! I love the window (backed in fabric) and the frames (backed in chicken wire) SO much! With burlap bows on the frame corners of course! (look carefully!) They did a really good job of pulling this room together with many different colors and textures!

On the other side of the room, they have this cute welcoming message made with burlap and several different fabrics! 

Grace made these placemats with her wonderful sewing skills (something you'll see more of in Part Two of their home tour!) The roses in the bowl are dried and leftover from the wonderful engagement party that these girls threw for Beth right after her Spring Break engagement. I love the vintagey, sentimental look of it!) 

FUN FACT: Remember me mentioning a shutter in my own room tour? Katie's is identical! We bought them together and it was so cool to see what she did with hers. I love the use of hooks and truthfully I may give mine a makeover this summer and do the same thing, just because it's so wonderfully cute!
Love the use of the lace scarf here! So cute and original!
This is Morgan's room. I somehow lost my overall picture of this room, which is rather disappointing. You're missing out on a really fun floral chair. But moving on, I love the classic look of this room!
This nightstand represents sweet Morgan so well, it's filled with encouragement and study! I love that she wrote a scripture on just plain white paper and framed it. Also gotta love her Target candle. I am on a major candle kick lately. What is your favorite candle? (but really, leave this information in a comment, I'd love to know!)

Here's something that is so specific to college decor, the things you are involved in are shown all over your room! I love that Morgan wanted a daily reminder of the things she experienced during her mission trip to Argentina. This is such an awesome daily reminder to live missionaly! Think about making something like this to record some of your college memories! 

I legitimately want Morgan's handwriting for my own. I love it so much! This was such a good use of the window. Because so many college girls use old windows, it's really fun to see the different uses. Remember Susannah's? And mine?

 Please ignore how badly I photographed this room. I'm getting the hang of indoor photogs, yall! :) I think Katie's room might be the perfect place. Her bed always looks that perfect, by the way! 

Here again with the windows! Katie made hers a small curtain out of vintage handkerchiefs. I love it so much!
  I love how fun this dresser is, completely redone. It's so amazing what you can do to some old furniture!

 There are so many fun details in here I'll just let you absorb them all! 

 Here is one project that I directly copied from Katie. This is just a framed piece of burlap. You can write on the frame with a dry erase marker and there you have it- a fancy shmancy dry erase board! So wonderful! 

I'm so in love with this burlap bunting!

Grace's room shows her bright personality so well!

 Grace recently ran a full marathon! She is running in honor of her sweet sister in heaven, it is awesome to hear about the inspiration she is to those around her. I love that she has all her signs of encouragement and bibs on her wall!

Again, Grace is all about reminders of the great things she's gotten to take part in in college, check out all her camp pictures!
 This house has so many good uses of burlap! :)

 I creeped on these precious onesies that were sitting on Grace's sewing table (not pictured). She made them herself!

 This is the wall outside Beth's room. The crayon art is for her future classroom!

 Again with the windows :)

 There is evidence of Beth being an education major all over her room! I love the children's book pages under the glass of her desk!

 Are you a fan of Today's Letters? Beth has the typewriter from their letterhead in her room. Yes, the actual one. She knows the sweet Loerke's personally!

The last few pictures are filled with things that were all made by Beth herself. Soak up that inspiration people! :)

NOTE: If you are in the College Station area and are willing to let me photograph your home before you leave for summer, PLEASE shoot me a Facebook message! (there is a link on the top right side of the blog!)

thoughts on teaching.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A few weeks, when I was at my teaching field work, I heard something that really discouraged me. I was standing on the playground with four of the teachers, and another student teacher. I commented on how quickly our time in the school has flown by, and how much I was going to miss the precious students! One of the teachers rolled her eyes and said, "NO you wont!!" and laughed. There are seven students in the kindergarten class where I observe. And for the record, I will miss each of their sweet little personalities, and all that they have taught me.

This is so scary to me. Because of all the drama that goes on in the education world with standardized testing and tons of political stuff, teachers get bad attitudes, which leads to students getting bad attitudes. There is a precious little boy in my class who has a harder time staying focused. A lot of times people jump to label students, or really themselves. How many times have you heard someone refer to them self as ADD? A bunch. I just want to look at each student and think of how I can alter the way I'm displaying information to fit their needs, to make it work for them. This sounds tedious and naive but I just think it's how it's supposed to be. I don't need to be a teacher that has a Disney movie made about them, but I am not going to let myself fall into the trap of being bored or burned out in the classroom. Teaching isn't for everyone. It might not even be for me. But I want to spend every second that I have interacting with students trying to make the material more attainable for them. I love everything about the idea of setting up my classroom and having morning meetings on a brightly patterned rug.

In just a few days, I will be done with my Junior year of college. After this summer, one more semester of instruction and I'll be student teaching full time before graduation. All of these changes are so bittersweet, but I am so anxious to discover what works in the classroom, what doesn't. I'm excited to do things creatively and efficiently, and to build personal relationships with students and their families.

This post probably won't recieve near as much feedback as some others, because, let's face it.. it's not as interesting. I added in some pictures to help a little bit with this.

 Regardless, thank you for reading my little thoughts, & look for a post in the next few days including a wonderful home tour! :)

Home Tour: Susannah & Kelly

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello friends!

If you are anything like me, you have hit a major slump. With only one week left of school (yippee!) I am feeling so incredibly drained in every way possible. I'm just trying to fix my eyes on the Lord and make it through these last few assignments.. and then it's home free! (sort of. I'll be taking two summer school classes!) Last weekend was particularly great though, Ben and I attended a coffee shop concert on Friday night, featuring my dear friend Sarah Noland, Johnny Stimson, and Jillian Edwards. Jillian's music is my absolute favorite and it was wonderful to just relax with friends and hear some beautiful voices.

Anyways, that being said.. this little peek into a precious home served as some major creative inspiration that I needed. So many thanks to the extremely stylish girls who opened their doors to me and my camera! My intention for the future is to really share a look into college home style with you lovely people. So, if you are in College Station and want to show of your house for me.. please don't hesitate to get in contact through email or facebook. And while we're on that, same goes for any photography needs. :)

 Well alrighty. It only took a few seconds in this space for me to be burning with jealousy.

 "Leftover Valentines Decorations" came across as homey and fun!

At the beginning of last semester, I retrieved this spool from Ben's farm to send over to these ladies. Now the cuteness of their spool trumps the cuteness of my own. Really though. Love those doilies.

I love the bunting across the pallet! Here's the thing about this place. I honestly can't put words to the cuteness. If you examine each of these pictures, there will be things you're inspired by, things that you can replicate in your own home!

I think one of my favorite things about this space is the use of antiques!

This is Susanna's room. She recently redid it and I'm obsessed. Legitimately obsessed.

Again, the use of antiques is so great. Also various kinds of bunting. Every house needs at least a little bit of bunting.

 I loved seeing all the cute nooks in this house. They're so unique and fun and are just plain perfect places to put frames and little nick nacks!

Welcome to Kelly's room. She was such a trooper in allowing Susanna to clean up her room for me to randomly let a stranger (me) come take pictures of her adorable space. Such. A. Trooper. 
 I love this desk area so much, it utilizes the space really well, something that is often really important in a college house. But notice, it doesn't look ugly. There are so many precious frames and boxes for storage and just lovely things.

 Again with the nooks!
 One of my favorite details of this room was the curtains!

This little bed area is so cute. I love how mature it looks while still being fun.

Okay no but really, don't pretend you didn't love that house with your whole heart. I have to repent from my open jealousy! No big thing! Hope you enjoyed checking it out, these girls were so kind to open their doors!

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