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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A few weeks, when I was at my teaching field work, I heard something that really discouraged me. I was standing on the playground with four of the teachers, and another student teacher. I commented on how quickly our time in the school has flown by, and how much I was going to miss the precious students! One of the teachers rolled her eyes and said, "NO you wont!!" and laughed. There are seven students in the kindergarten class where I observe. And for the record, I will miss each of their sweet little personalities, and all that they have taught me.

This is so scary to me. Because of all the drama that goes on in the education world with standardized testing and tons of political stuff, teachers get bad attitudes, which leads to students getting bad attitudes. There is a precious little boy in my class who has a harder time staying focused. A lot of times people jump to label students, or really themselves. How many times have you heard someone refer to them self as ADD? A bunch. I just want to look at each student and think of how I can alter the way I'm displaying information to fit their needs, to make it work for them. This sounds tedious and naive but I just think it's how it's supposed to be. I don't need to be a teacher that has a Disney movie made about them, but I am not going to let myself fall into the trap of being bored or burned out in the classroom. Teaching isn't for everyone. It might not even be for me. But I want to spend every second that I have interacting with students trying to make the material more attainable for them. I love everything about the idea of setting up my classroom and having morning meetings on a brightly patterned rug.

In just a few days, I will be done with my Junior year of college. After this summer, one more semester of instruction and I'll be student teaching full time before graduation. All of these changes are so bittersweet, but I am so anxious to discover what works in the classroom, what doesn't. I'm excited to do things creatively and efficiently, and to build personal relationships with students and their families.

This post probably won't recieve near as much feedback as some others, because, let's face it.. it's not as interesting. I added in some pictures to help a little bit with this.

 Regardless, thank you for reading my little thoughts, & look for a post in the next few days including a wonderful home tour! :)


  1. Victoria, I read this and I really enjoyed it. I think your heart for teaching others runs much deeper than most entering in which is inspiring and encouraging for so many people. I would only hope that when my children enter into grade school, they are loved by a teacher with your same passion. This post meant a lot. I love reading your thoughts. You are beautiful. Love ya!

  2. I think it's very interesting and insightful. It's so wonderful seeing a future teacher with an attitude like yours. It's people who go to work like that each day that end up really making a difference in the lives of others. I think that's such a Christ-like attitude, to teach so humbly, actively, and pursuingly. You will be such a blessing in the lives of the children you teach.

    Don't let the haters get you down ;) haha

  3. I had the hardest time student teaching and through my first year of teaching because I was constantly surrounded by people who hated teaching. Beyond that, I felt many people had given up on the field and so it meant they didn't want to train new teachers (very important with special ed paper work).

    It is unfortunate that teaching is such a negative thing. I get frustrated with the adults, but the kids are very worth it!


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