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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello Happy Readers! As you may know, part of my vision for this blog is to include Interior Design tips and information! I thought that this should begin with my very own room! I will admit, however, that there are selfish motives behind this post... I'm moving out of this house in just three short weeks so I needed that extra bit of motivation to record this space as it is, so I can remember it in all of it's glory! I really wanted to have these images for future reference and inspiration! 

Let's begin with a shot taken straight from the door! Yippee! 

 As you can see, this wall is right next to the door as you come in! This wall is honestly not as I would ideally have it, but there are a few details that you can walk away with! I LOVE the use of chalkboards in houses! This one was $8 at Hobby Lobby, even without a coupon (you can get 40% coupons online usually!) and I love it! Usually I use it to write reminders or a scripture that I want to focus on for the week. Right now there is a map of gardens that Ben drew while we were studying the other night.You can also see a bunch of random papers I have hung up around the chalkboard (using blue tack), this is intended to pull the look I have going on in the desk nook (stay tuned!) across the room! I love it!

The pallet was brought into my room right when pallet's started to hit it big over on Pinterest! It was originally on the wall above my dresser, but made it's way to the floor over here, on it's way out. It ended up staying though, and the stuff I keep on it is always changing. I have a few extra pallet's as well, so please don't hesitate to ask me if you are local and interested in one for freebies! :) 

The turquoise shutter is explained in this post. Feel free to email me and ask about where anything is from! 

Underneath my nightstand (purchased from a small antique market in Waco, Texas) is my little study resource center! I often do homework sitting on my bed, so I have to have a place to keep supplies! The wire basket (Hobby Lobby) holds some magazines, a notebook, and the best study snack in the world, whole wheat Goldfish! The small antique drawers were rescued from Ben's family's garage sale this past weekend. It is my intention to maybe paint them, but we'll see. On top of the drawers rests my devotional book, journal, bible, and the book I'm currently reading! And by currently reading, I mean.. sitting there to one day be read by me when I have time to read something nonschool related. :) I love having all of these things close by, I would suggest it!

Here's the desk nook! On the wall ahead of the nook is a mirror I recieved as a gift for my 21st Birthday! It is from Anthropologie. 

 This little area represents my favorite thing about college house decor: ANYTHING GOES! When else in my life am I going to be able to plaster my walls with encouraging notes? Probably never. I love the really Anthro-crafty look that these notes make, and I love being distracted by them and remembering the sweet words that have been written to me!

  Hello, dresser! This spot in the room holds so many of my favorite things. And in the left corner you can see the REJOICE letters that I made for our small hallway! That was one of my favorite DIY projects.

The dresser knobs  were replaced with some fun ones from Hobby Lobby and Anthroplogie! Typing this post has made me realize how much of the stuff in my room comes from one of those two places.. :)

Hope you enjoyed my room tour! I'm hoping that soon I will be able to give you tours of other inspirational spaces! Have a glorious week & feel free to contact me with any questions! :)

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  1. Your bedroom is seriously gorgeous. Come decorate mine?
    And in response to you comment (thank you btw!) I went to the farmers market in Grapevine, on Main street. They have it every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. It's small, but they have some good stuff & their prices are good. :)

  2. You have the Design Sponge book! SO GOOD!

  3. I LOVE everything about this room. LOVE. You did an amazing job.
    And p.s I say don't paint those drawers, they are perfect just like they are!
    Thanks for linking up :)


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