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Monday, May 14, 2012

This home tour is so long overdue! Before leaving College Station, I KNEW I had to hit what is affectionately called "the Welsh house" by friends for a little tour! I hope you love all the details as much as I do! I am so thankful that these girls, some sweet friends, allowed me to photograph their house. From the second I walked through the door I was greeted by an atmosphere of warmth and love!

The second I walked through the door, I was greeted by the scent of a seasonal candle. I loved it. Mental note- candle by the door = happy and welcomed guests who have an impression that your whole house is perfect and clean and smelling lovely!

It takes a lot of boldness to hang a tree on your wall- and this risk was a huge success! I love how they wrapped lace ribbon around the bottom portion of the tree. That small detail makes the whole thing look so polished and intentional. Also, chalkboards are always a huge success.

Okay so I need to say a quick sorry for the bad quality of the vast majority of these photos. Still working on all these inside light settings. :)

However, I LOVED this little table on the same wall as the front door. This little set up just makes the living room look complete and mature. Having this little seating area is such a feminine touch, I feel like it's something a mom would think of, knowing that this room would be used for a lot of entertaining. I also love the scarf on the table top.


I feel like I'm going to run out of ways to express my love for this house really fast because I need them every two seconds. I feel like this little corner of the house is so well thought out and carefully placed. Everything on this wall looks so good. The "book" shelves, the chicken wire frame that is perfectly shabby chic-ed. Little hedgehogs. Old camera. Drool coming out of my mouth while I stare at the cuteness...

The girls had so much enthusiasm as they lead me through the house- and they were so excited about this little "Theta nook"! I think it's so fun! Definitely a good idea for a house of girls that are all in the same sorority. It also makes me think of the happy memories of getting and giving big-little presents.

Meet Slutty Betty. She's the mascot of the Welsh house, which I think is just plain hilarious. The girls take turns hiding her all over the house to surprise each other. Elise, one of the room mates and my big in Theta, said that one time she went to get in the car and head out and Slutty Betty was strapped into the passenger seat of her car. So fun! I think it's so great how these girls use her as a silly little pick me up throughout the busy and stressful school year!

A close up of Slutty Betty. :)

If you're moving into a new house next year, peer into this picture to see an example of a great way to organize house chores. Breaking up the upkeep of a place is the best way to do it and avoid conflict!

Peeking into Devin's room made me feel like I knew her better. I love that she didn't place her pillows traditionally. With the bed in the corner, she set up the corner with pillows. I love the originality there! I also love the contrast in the color scheme with the fluffy white and the deep red!

 Another wall that I love everything about. Window- of course. I love how Devin wrapped twine around the window and clipped pictures. Look at that perfect bow! The canvasses are also original and adorable, and if you peek carefully, each bunting piece is stamped with a fruit of the spirit!

Note how she carried the color across the room with a canvas similar to the other ones she had made!

I was blown away by how much I loved Catherine's room. She is super stylish from head to toe- but only lived in this room for the Spring semester. I expected that she would have kept things minimal, but no no! There were so many fun details that echoed her wonderful personality!

Catherine said that adding fabric and ribbon to these twinkle lights has been her only pinterest craft! So funny how that's a part of everyone's lives now! I think it looks incredible! I bet these lights plugged in during the evenings is so magical!

So much personality on this wall- love all the sweet details! 

This old door with a top half chalkboard- bottom half cork, would look great in so many different spaces!

Those wooden Theta letters belonged to Catherine's mom in college. Note to self: save favorite theta things for a possible future theta child!

Every college room needs some good photo collages!

Every single frame in Catherine's room is original, colorful, and cute. Me and my 25 creme colored frames from Hobby Lobby can learn from this.

Elise's room was described by everyone as the main attraction. And oh but it was. I don't even think my words can do it justice at all. Just look at all the incredible details of this luxurious space. It's stinking just, fancy. Love it.

Craft courtesy of Beth, who is mentioned here and here.

 Caroline's room is so put together, just like she is. I love seeing how people's rooms really do tell about them. My favorite thing is the flowers on the wall!

 When I walked into Jenna's room, I was drawn to her large collection of sunglasses. Displaying a collection is so fun, and for some reason these sunglasses just screamed Jenna to me!

 I love the curtains in this space, and the comfy chair.

Jenna let me know that this craft was made with stolen goods! Hehe. I won't expose where the wood came from, but I will say that it wasn't too scandalous! 

I am so excited to finally be posting this incredible space on the blog. These girls are so encouraging and meeting with them was an incredible blessing! Thank you so much Welsh house! 

What's your favorite part of this house?! :)

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