Photography: Amy's Senior Photos

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A few weeks ago, Amy contacted me about doing her senior photos. This was HUGE for me. Someone had spotted the work I was doing and saw something there. Incredibly encouraging. Amy is in my sorority, Theta. We had never really talked before these pictures and I'm so thankful for the time I got to spend with her. After finishing up her pictures at the good ol' Aggie ring, we got to really chat, and quickly our conversation moved through a variety of fun and serious topics. It was just a real blessing to get a little peek into her heart and her life and what God is doing there. It made me realize what really draws me to photography, the stories. Each person or couple or family that I have the opportunity to meet with, I get to hear their story, and try and capture that for them. I love that so much. 

So here's Amy's story. The Lord has brought peace to every area of life as she moves back to Plano to begin her student teaching adventure. I walked away from this session thanking God for an opportunity to see so much wisdom and maturity in her.


 Post Script: 

While we were taking these pictures, a bunch of corps people just ran all up in our business and started doing pushups. It was a hilarious little road block in our shoot!

Also, I should probably mention that we had a helper for a good part of our shoot, thank you Ryan, for being excellent at holding sunflowers!

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