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Monday, May 21, 2012

Are you familiar with Ree Drummond? The Pioneer Woman? Successful blogger? Author? Brilliant chef?
Ree's first cookbook is called "Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl". Well that title describes me pretty stinking well. Minus any actual recipes. :) 

Growing up with British parents in the suburbs, I was about as far away from the real country life as could be. I'm quite the girly girl, and combined with a lack of experience in such things, I have been quite the fish out of water dating a full fledged farmer. But I've learned how to ride a four wheeler and that the creek is a heavenly place and what a calf fry is (!!!). I love recording all the little details of country life because there are so many new things I notice during each moment on the farm. 

The other night, Ben was working cows with his Pops and younger brother Zac. I was invited to bring my camera and practice my manual settings. If you have spent any time at all on the Pioneer Woman blog, you understand why I felt like her little twin!
 I'm not quite sure that my Hyundai Santa Fe was made to drive right out into the pasture, but it's still kicking so let's go with yes. 

My lace TOMS probably weren't the best choice in footwear. Oops. I'll make a mental note of that for next time. 

 These fellas had everything down to such a science. I was impressed.

 There were storms threatening us from all around, but it made for a beautifully cool evening, which is rare for Texas summertime.

 A few days later, another country experience took place when I got to help Ben bottle feed a calf. Meet Floyd, everyone!

 So eager for milk, Floyd got a little confused when Ben was climbing over the fence.

 These two photos of Ben loving on little Floyd are so precious to me!

 Of course there was some playtime involved. :)

 Accidental country girl, remember? :)

 We finished off our time outside with picking blackberries.

It was absolutley perfect. I think I like the country life.

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  1. SO sweet, love that family and love you!
    - not so accidental country girl


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