Our Engagement Photos

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Eek! Such excitement. I have literally dreamed of taking engagement photos for years. I think because of all the time I spend on photography blogs, I had built up pretty high expectations for what those photos would finally look like!

When beginning wedding planning, the first detail I wanted to nail down was our photographer. I have been so pleased with our decision to choose Caroline Rector of Caroline Joy Photography to capture our engagement photos and our Wedding Day! After following Caroline's blog for over a year, I felt like I knew her and she was just as precious, friendly, and accommodating as I could have thought!

We took the photos in Austin, Texas, at Barton Springs- and we were BLOWN AWAY by how comfortable and fun taking pictures was. I expected to feel shy about all the PDA, and worried about how I was standing and how it would look in the photos. I soon forgot about all of those things and we genuinely had such a fun evening loving on each other, laughing and chatting with Caroline, and getting a look at the incredible city of Austin!

Here are some of my favorite images from the day:

Ah! I am so incredibly blessed.

See Caroline's favorites here.


  1. Love everything about this post. And your pictures are gorgeous.

  2. Barton Springs is pretty great, right?

    And I love these pictures! So adorable. The bright flower bouquet is such a nice touch :)

  3. Somehow stumbled upon your blog, watched your about me video, and now are looking at your engagement photos. They are so cute and your story is precious!


  4. these are such lovely photos! :)


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