when tragedy struck Strader Lane.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

One of the most exciting things about my upcoming marriage is the fact that I will be a new mom to a precious little bulldog named Matilly. Her full name is Matilda Mae "Babygirl" Strader. I will love her like she is my own.

A family photo

But seriously, we love Matilda with all of our hearts and she makes me feel like I have things in common with famous blogger, Naomi Davis.

But as this title alludes, there have been some sad happenings as of late. Matilda has a very adventurous spirit and this past Friday morning, her optimism and hope for the future lead her to leap out of the back of Ben's truck, landing on her back leg and breaking it in several places. Matilda was rushed to surgery and is currently looking at a two month recovery time of doggie bed rest. Her poor little heart... :(

After viewing these very pitiful, emotional images, it is clear that the road to recovery is a long and tough one, but we have high hopes for sweet Babygirl. But seriously, doesn't her cute little self just hurt your heart?

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