Thursday, September 27, 2012

Okay. I have some big news. Let's start it out with a story.

Sophomore year of college I got really into home decor blogs. I would read about all these awesome moms and young couples who took averagely cute houses and made them gorgeous. I was hooked and have a few blogs that I've read since then, followed their DIY projects, and loved life.

Maybe that's not a story but it's background information. Since then I have dreamed of one day having a home of my own (or if I was lucky, with a handsome hubby! getting one of those in three months and two days- holla!) to demolish and decorate and change into an incredible gem.

When Ben and I first got engaged, one of the first things that we began praying about was where we would live. We both have the hospitality gene engrained in us and were aching for a home to open up to people. We longed for a place to live that we could make into a safe place for ourselves, close friends, family, people from church, etc. We prayed wholeheartedly that God would provide a house. And several doors kept closing in our faces. That was hard and sad but each house we almost went for, we both had a silent lack of peace about it. The few houses we pursued, we were just so excited that neither of us wanted to say that it didn't feel quite right.

So we decided to sit back and look into signing an apartment lease for our first six months of marriage. There would be so many other life changes happening, we could just start slow with a small, low maintenance spot. Ben's heart was breaking at the idea of not being able to have a garden where he could grow fresh veggies, and flower beds to make beautiful. I think he feels most happy while gardening. He's obsessed. Ask me about our worm farm later. But really we have one of those.

Three months went by and we were at peace, although not enthused, about our apartment situation. We were really good at listing out all the reasons why this decision was practical. We weren't good at listing reasons why we were excited for the apartment, we were just excited to be roomies. :)

And then, as the Lord does, he provided, when we least expected it. It's so beautiful and wonderful how He gets you when you're not ready. Surprise Joy. A situation with a house was seemingly handed to us. A red brick house on a large corner lot, in the exact place we want to be? A seller who is distant family and is willing to owner finance? (owner financing means we take a lone from the seller instead of from a bank. basically that means we won't have to deal with lots of paperwork and credit. good news for young newlyweds!) lots of potential to redo things? lots of fun design challenges? two bedrooms? a large garage? It seemed too good to be true. But we moved forward, praying that if this was where we were supposed to live, the Lord would provide.

Well, on Monday evening, we signed our electronic contracts. We close on Monday, November 5th. It's all I can think about! I am so excited to blog through all of our updates and plans and inspirations for our home.

For now, I'll leave you with this:


Okay. No. We'll be removing that thing the second we move in. Maybe after all the furniture is in because that could be handy, you know.

We'll also be:
  • ripping that yank lightpost out of the yard 
  • taking all the rocks out of the flowerbeds and planting flowers and joy! 
  • ripping out those large bushes 
  • hopefully redoing the circle drive! Ben hates it. :) 
  • painting the front door a fun color
  • taking off the little metal awnings that are over the windows. Long term I want to add SHUTTERS. 
  • move out the wheelchair ramp! I just had to say that again. There is one in the back too. I'm hoping we'll be able to sell those little babies on Craigslist. Someone has got to need them, right?

REJOICE! Stay tuned for updates on the first changes we're making. :) 


  1. SO. EXCITING!!!
    That place is going to be adorable when you're through with it.

  2. I can't wait to see how cute you make it, Victoria! You have to let us help you move in!

  3. Excited for you and Ben! Loving the potential this place definitely has!

  4. so excited for you and ben!!! :]


  5. SOO excited for y'all! Home ownership is such a huge step! What city are y'all living in?

    1. Justin! 30 minutes north of Fort Worth! :)

  6. I'm a little behind on the times and just now reading this post. Oops! But love everything about it. Especially the all caps announcement that your future casa is wheelchair accessible. :) I'm so stinking excited to see what your crafty little nog makes of this perfect Justin newlyweds house! Love you and cannot wait for the big day!!! :)


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