Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So far, my semester has been defined by this word, in different ways. I am counting down the days till I become a wife (108!!!) and drowning underneath the fun tasks of wedding planning. We are about to start premarital counseling with a couple at church. Trying to figure out where to live, and planning the decor of our new home. Praying for Ben daily. Joining a bible study on marriage.

Yet, one of my biggest concerns coming into this semester was not wanting to check out on my friends and commitments in College Station. I do not want my last semester of possibility to invest in these things daily to go wasted, I want to be present where I am. People talk about this all the time, but I think right now it's just especially applicable to my life, where everything is about to totally change and I'm on the verge of wishing days away so I can be bound together with my beloved.

On that note, I thought I'd share something that is helping me with this. This semester, I moved into a new house with new roommates. Me and one other girl live upstairs. On the first day I moved in, we somehow came up with the concept of taking a picture together every day, representing what we are doing or just, whatever. Courtney has challenged me to celebrate the little things and I know I will cry when we take the last "Courtney and Victoria Picture of the Day" as we call it. I am so thankful for the Lord for placing this sweet friend in my life for this time! If you'd like to see more of our pictures, follow me on twitter/instagram! @bonjourvictoria :)

please excuse the jank iphone photos. you gotta do what you gotta do, yall.


  1. Hello there! I stumbled upon your blog from Oh, Sweet Joy! and I'm so glad that I did. I love spotting other central Texas girls blogging away during college and it is so fun getting a glimpse into the hearts of other girls celebrating life and the Lord. Plus, your blog is precious!

    You've a new follower in me :)
    Bailey Jean

  2. I totally understand! It was really difficult to balance for us too. I guess that's kind of how transitions go, though. Getting a little bit more involved with what will be and a little bit less involved with what is. Good luck with everything! I'm really excited to hear more about your journey :)

  3. you're so precious. :]



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