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Monday, September 3, 2012

It's rare to meet lovely people in your college classes. They're out there, I'm sure. But we're often too shy or awkward or preoccupied to meet them I think. I met Catherine, one of the lovely residents of this house in a class last semester and I am so thankful for it. She was such a light in the dread of that class and I am really glad she rapped Kanye West's "Stronger" for us. (Remember that?!) Thank you to Catherine, and her sweet roomies for opening up their doors for my blogging creepiness! 

This porch made me realize how important it is to welcome people into your home on a positive note. 
Ah! LOVE this mirror. It reminds me of a DIY project I have brewing for the wedding. I simply love the intentional effort that went into this little area.

Five little owl hooks. Precious for some Chi Omega ladies!

I love the random selection of things in this little tray. Having a tray like this in the entryway is so great to make the little items that get dropped off for convenience (sunglasses) look clean and crisp!

See those mirrors? Could so easily be DIY-ed! Maybe they were. Also I'm obsessed with how these girls put a birdcage on their dvd player to camouflage it. Also love that buffet piece and all the dvd's in baskets. Okay. I love everything here.

I don't know if they put out fresh baby's breath for my benefit or are just that stinking cute. I'm leaning towards the latter.

I've said it once, I'll say it again. I LOVE large printed pictures. This little mantle is precious and filled with love.

There are so many skinny little shelves in this house. I'm loving it!

Love this piece of furniture with the baskets. LOVE it.
Cutely organized jewelry shout out!
I love the curved shape of this couch. And just couches in people's rooms in general.

Cute, CUTE Texas pillow. Could totally be DIY-ed. Would be precious in a nursery. Cool. That's my new mindset. #nobabyforatleast5yrs

This display is close to one of my favorite little spots in this house!

A photo as a reminder that we are here for a purpose greater than ourselves.

I'm slightly obsessed with the placement of this couch!

Anthro bedding looking dreamy...

There are so many adorable details in this house it was hard for me to even try to pick them out. Hope this provides some inspiration for those of you who are still settling into new places! :)

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  1. Anthro rivulet bedding + Anthro curtains + accent pillows to match the curtains= I'm now drooling. Good job chi-o house!

  2. what a beautiful place! i wonder if someone would open their doors to me… :)

  3. this house is amazing. so much character, so many little details put into it, it's just perfect.


  4. Wow what a Fun and Super Cute place, it looks so lovely! great job girls :)

  5. Oh my goodness! this is one of the cutest houses I've ever seen-- it seriously blows any of my college homes completely out of the water! I'll definitely be taking some inspiration :) thanks for posting!

  6. oh I am loving this post!! we are moving into our new home in November so I'm totally enjoying all of these ideas!!! Found you from the big group giveaway and I went to try and follow you but don't see where I can...I can add your URL in manually but would love if you have GFC - any idea if you'll be getting it? cute blog!

  7. I love this style of furniture and all the organizing-friendly stuff. I'm in the process of moving myself so I find it inspiring. :)

  8. Wow, their house is so lovely! Definitely gave me some ideas.


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