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Thursday, October 25, 2012

hello, dears!

it's been awhile. that's because lately, life has been a lot. but there are so many good things. 65 days until our wedding and I think if it was a single day more I might cry. I'm very blessed.

If we are honest, I have felt dry in the area of service over the past year or so. I weaned myself out of some incredible ministries I was a part of, and that took it's toll. A few weeks ago, I prayed that God would reveal to me what my passions in service were. What was it that got my heart beating? What brings tears of compassion to my eyes? What kind of service do I believe allows me to shine like Christ to people around me? I immediately knew. For years, I have loved reading adoption stories through several sources. I have watched some close friends, our Sunday school teachers from 11th grade adopt a precious bubbly baby girl. I knew that reading of people rescuing the fatherless and placing them in nurturing environments was what got my blood pumping. I knew that praying for the millions of orphans all over the world left me feeling refreshed. I was obsessed with what a beautiful picture of our salvation in Christ is displayed through adoption. But let's be real, although Ben and I are both passionate about adoption and know that we desire for it to be a part of our future, babies aren't a part of our plan for at least five years. That's just what we're working with. 

For Christmas last year, I got my first DSLR camera. I loved snapping pictures of the everyday, and of the beautiful friends around me. The Lord provided several opportunities to practice my portrait photography. Although I enjoyed those experiences, I struggled a lot because I felt like I needed to do better, that I needed to be a perfect photographer two months into knowing what the stink aperture is.

So, I let comparison steal my joy. I slowly let my camera collect dust in the closet. (hence not so many pictures on the blog). I ran from opportunities. The evening that I had been praying about what my passions were, Ben and I went to Starbucks. He brought up that he feels like I have been struggling with finding a place to express my creativity. I am so extremely thankful for how he knows my heart and what brings me joy. He kept insisting that he thought I should get back into photography, that it might be an easy and fun way to make a little bit of side money during student teaching in the Spring.

And then it hit me. I wanted to get back into photography, and save all the money I earn to give to adopting families. I have read so many stories of God providing the finances for adoptive families and want to be a part of that. As we began to discuss this idea, we knew we had stumbled upon something incredibly happy. We know that during our first few years of being newlyweds, we are not going to be rolling in the abundant finances. However, we both have great desire to give. Not just tithe our 10%, but to give to those in need. This could be our way to earn money and give to families who are pursuing God's will for their lives through adoption.

That being said, included in this post are photos I've taken that are encouraging to me. Encouraging because I like them. I know I'll look back one day after learning and practicing and laugh at my elementary skill, but for now, they're happy.

If you have any need for photography, feel free to contact me via email at


  1. I love this! Photography runs in my family, but the skill went to my little sister instead of me (that's okay though). I absolutely understand that desire to be back in something creative, hence my knitting. I can't wait to see where the Lord takes you on this journey of photography + adoption.

  2. honestly? you are really good for an "amateur" photographer. like, really. just keep working those skills and don't be afraid to take photos - and lots of them! :]

  3. Your heart is so full friend! I love this so much. What an incredible gift you are giving to these families. Your photography is amazing! I can't wait to see more.

  4. You are really talented! I am sure you could even make quite a bit of money buy selling actions in photoshop for the cause as well. I am not athletic at all, but part of the reason I want to get into running is so I can give money to causes and feel like I have done something. I think it is great that you are trying to help in this way. All of the children in my family are adopted and I know so many more who are trying...and they are really breaking the bank doing so.


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