my first wedding craft!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I have been so antsy to share all of my wedding plans on this blog. Coming up with ideas and creating things and crafting for the special day has been so incredible and I am an over sharer. So even if no one cares I'm like YES. LET'S BLOG IT. But the thing is, half the fun of weddings is seeing all of that fun stuff at the wedding. So all of the behind the scenes of doing everything will come after I become Mrs. Strader. (yesterday was three months till the big day. three months from right now I'll be honeymooning in Charleston, South Carolina. A-WHOOP! anyways.) 

One thing I can share now, is how I asked my bridesmaids to be... my bridesmaids. When Ben and I got engaged, two of my future bridesmaids were at camp (Sky Ranch!), one in Africa, one traveling Europe, one in Oklahoma, and one MOH in Maryland. So basically I was limited in my ability to see these sweet friends in real life or give them something that was more than an envelope away. I immediately turned to pinterest. 

Let's be real, pinterest has been a huge help. I went my whole life guarding my heart against thoughts of marriage and trying to just live life. Then all of a sudden there are a million decisions to make and if you haven't looked at this stuff before it's really overwhelming. PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE INTERWEBS. 

I found this, with a link to here


I was sold!! How cute are these little paper dolls! SO CUTE. So I set out to create my own. 

Mine are a little less cute, obviously. But I loved them. And I think that my lovely maids did too. I had issues getting all the little girls in one picture so oops. I have eight bridesmaids. You can read about them here on our wedding website.

I also decided to add myself, as a bride, into the paper dolls. This may sound silly, but for the first time I was seeing what it would be like for myself to be in a white gown for my wedding day. Even if it was in paper doll form, it was a moment for me. I liked it. I like it even more now that my dress is ready, altered, and hanging in my closet at my mom's house, ready for action.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of cutting and paper involved in this project. But it was so fun and so worth it to get the calls from each of my wonderful friends!

Looking forward to sharing more soon! :)

ps. thank you so much for all the positive feedback about our house! we are so excited to have gotten to share this news with everyone- and look forward to keeping everyone posted on this adventure! love you guys! 


  1. So nice crafts and it looks so cute. I really appreciate what you've made.. thanks for the shares!

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