Our Wedding: Getting Ready

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bah! I've dreamed of blogging our wedding day for so long. So it's only natural that I would share every individual piece of our wedding and make everyone sick of hearing about it, right? :) It is my hope and prayer that my informational posts would either:

a) Bring you hope of your wedding one day, soon or a few years down the road. Our wedding, and our marriage, has been the biggest blessing outside of Christ that I have experienced. Ben is my best friend, and I can barely fathom the gift that God has given me in him. We had the most wonderful day and felt so incredibly loved by each other, our family, and friends. Daydream about your future wedding in an appropriate way, ladies! I've said it before and I'll say it again, however long you wait for this blessing, it will be worth every second. 

b) Inspire or help you with your wedding in any way. When we were engaged, I read about everything wedding related I could get my eyeballs on. The time of wedding planning can be stressful and I truly hope that these posts help. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or facebook message, I would love to help you in any way! 

c) Remind you of your own wedding and all the joy that it was! 

All of the photos below are by Caroline Joy Photography. (the best decision of our wedding was booking this incredibly photographer!) 

A few months before our wedding, I saw some photos of a wedding party in front of a Southern, white house with a big front porch, and instantly knew that was what I wanted for our wedding. It was such a blessing for the girls to get ready at Ben's aunt and uncle's house, and to take photos there. The house provided a beautiful backdrop, and I wouldn't trade getting ready in the comfort of a home for anything in the world. Ben's aunt showered us with food and love and it was precious to see her slip out the door to "see Ben's face" before our first look. Yes, she watched from behind with the photographers and videographers. Hehe. :)

Putting on my veil was the first moment I really felt like a bride. I adored my veil, and actually forgot to take it off before our wedding reception, like I had planned. I am so thankful though, because I love the way it looks in our exit photos. My veil was beautiful and feminine and I am in love with it. I'm still brainstorming someway to display it in our home. Let's be honest, it will keep hanging on the bedpost of our guest bedroom bed until post student teaching life. April 10th- come to me. 

I had the BEST maid of honor. Two days before the wedding, Lucy and I realized that I had totally forgotten a "something blue". We brainstormed a few ideas and had a backup plan that if need be, Lucy could embroider some ribbon and sew it into my dress. As other wedding chaos took over, this last resort became our only idea, so Lucy spent the morning of the wedding stitching this precious gift. She even went to buy all the supplies herself. Typing that just reminded me I owe her $$ for that. Whoops. Sorry Lucy. Next time I see ya! :) This ended up being one of my favorite details of the day, and it was so precious to me that she stitched it in the dress herself. 

Ben is quite the stylish man, so after a few weeks of searching for the perfect wedding shoes and failing, I turned the job over to him. I didn't see the shoes until the morning of our wedding and I loved them! This was such a fun little detail of our wedding!

I love this image that shows my incredible support system on the day of the wedding. All of these ladies are so incredible! 

It was such a special moment for me to get my dress on with just Lucy, and my Theta little/bestie, Megan in the room. They made me feel so loved and beautiful! 

This was the view that greeted me when I came out all dressed. What precious friends! This photo makes me miss them so much! I hope it also shows you the comfy, cozy atmosphere we were in prior to the wedding. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing our "Getting Ready" photos! Next up will be details and first look! Yippee!

My Favorite Blogs

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Because they know how much I love reading blogs, people are constantly asking for my recommendations. Which I love, by the way. I always tell people I'll email them or facebook them or text them links and let's be real that doesn't ever happen. So this post is for you, friends!

Under the Sycamore- I've always loved reading Ashley Ann's blog for craft and photography inspiration, but in the past year the blog's focus has expanded to detailing this family's adoption of a precious baby girl from China. I love reading blogs that line up with my passions, and so many of them are all over this bloggy!

Bower Power- Precious family of four blogging home decor and lifestyle. They are precious and I fell in love with them very early on in my blog reading career.

Lara Casey-  I hope it's okay and normal to look up to someone I don't know, because this is how I feel about Lara. Her blog is packed full of encouragement and motivation to take control of your life and work toward your goals, all while putting Christ first. AKA we all need this. I am so blessed to be able to sit under Lara's teaching in just TWO WEEKS- at Making Things Happen- eek!

I'm Kristen and This is my Blog- This is technically a photography blog, but Kristen has been going through her love story in the "Oh My My My" series and I have recommended it to everyone I know because I read it like it's my j.o.b. Not a lie.

Young House Love- This is literally the first blog I ever began reading, and will always be one of my favorites. Getting to meet the masterminds behind the blog, John and Sherry Petersik was so fun for me!

Jones Design Company- I don't know where to start with how much I love this blog. Design advice? DIY projects? Free printables? It's all here in the blog of a very cute family.

Jamie Delaine- Jamie is a young photographer in Canada who loves the Lord, loves writing, loves productivity, and writes about it all. I want to be her bestie!

Southern Weddings- Okay. Had to go there and put a wedding blog. But here's a secret, I read Southern Weddings long before my engagement, simply because of how much this small business inspires me. The women of Southern Weddings are focused on beautiful weddings that lead to even more beautiful marriages, share the heart of the south, and are basically adorable in every way. Love them.

Love Taza- Ben and I have a slight obsession with this precious little family. Seriously, the two cutest children ever, and they are so stylin and basically I just love stalking them and thinking about how cute they are. Let's just be honest here!

Elm Street Life- A lifestyle blog of a precious young couple who just had their first baby. I love reading of how intentionally these people life for Jesus, and seeing all of their beautiful photos.

and because what's a blog post without a picture? :)

On Sunday afternoon I started our plate wall! I still haven't finished our Psalm plate.. still thinking about a Psalm that is meaningful to us! But I'm loving our sweet wall so far! Thank you to my sweet sister and brother (the other Straders :) ) for the green flower plate, and to Ben for the squirrel plate. I must have found my soulmate when I have someone who purchases me a squirrel plate for Valentine's day. :) Let me know what you think of the update! :)

a few details around the house.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lately, the days feel long and short at the same time. Trying to balance all that is changing in life has been quite overwhelming. Spring break will be here in two weeks and I cannot wait for all that it will hold. In the evenings, and on weekends, I've been trying to slowly add some charm to our home. Hope you like what you see! :)

Our Story (in a video)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Before our wedding, we decided that we wanted to film a little video telling our story to all of our wedding guests. You may have already seen this, but I thought it was worth a blog post. It is also on my life bucket list to write out our love story... so, you never know when that may pop up!

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