Our Wedding: Ceremony

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hey remember that time I started writing out the story of our wedding and then dropped off the face of the earth? Yep. That happened. Today I'm going to start the process of wrapping that up, but first... notice anything different around here?

Yep.. Bonjour Victoria is no more. She will always live on in our hearts. :) Just kidding. After Ben and I got married, I decided to change the blog's name to something that is more about us as a family. I hope to continue recording the fun little things in our lives on this blog and as the years go on and (God willing!) our family grows (NOT RIGHT NOW!) I wanted the title to be able to go with us. It's not just about me anymore, folks. Not that it ever was anyways. :) The credit for this title actually goes to a sweet friend, Sarah Smock, who came up with it for our wedding's instagram hashtag. Who ever knew it would become our happy little motto?

Anyways, let's get to the nitty gritty!

 photo carolinejoy-4018_zps531c43b4.jpg

It had always been my vision to ease into the ceremony with a time of prayer with all the ladies in my life who were by my side to support me. I wish so much that the girls in the house party could have been a part of this also, but they were out there being the hands and feet, greeting people. This time was lead by my sweet friend Christy, who I have met with for discipleship since high school. She also played the piano during the ceremony. Multitalented lady, let me tell ya! I look back at these photos and my heart is so full, seeing my friends from all different parts of life join together.. it was so cool to see everyone mesh so well. I want to go back and relive the time spent with all my best friends together, I was too overwhelmed to truly live it up then, I think!

This is what the guestbook setup looked like before people walked into the sanctuary to be seated. 

This little homemade dry erase board was how we communicated the hashtag to our wedding guests! 

And then it was ceremony time!! I'll skip the photos of all of our family members and bridesmaids going down the aisle because there are so many. Let's just start with our precious flower girls! I've watched Sammi and Chandler since they were babies, and their dad, Josh Lewis, was our youth pastor in high school. Josh also did the ceremony, and there is no one else that we would have chosen. He's been through it all with us! Our families and attendants walked in to a piano and violin version of "10,000 Reasons".

The night of the rehearsal we decided to use these old doors to create a wall for me to hide behind. When it was time for us to enter, two of our ushers moved them apart. It was so sweet to creep up and tell them hi. 

TRYING TO PULL IT TOGETHER. I walked in to "A Thousand Years", also played on the piano and violin. Yes this song was used in Twilight. I'm over that. It was great and I actually tested the instrumental version on several people to see if they would connect it to the movie just from hearing it. So, I guess the secret's out of the bag. WHATEVERILIKETWILIGHTOKAY! (click the link to hear a pretty close match to what it sounded like)

I love this sweet photo of Ben's parents watching on. They have told us so many stories about how even when they were still dating, they prayed for their future children's spouses. We are blessed! 

Our vows are kind of a funny story. During wedding planning, I stumbled across this wedding video on Southern Weddings. Upon watching it, we both were TOTALLY blown away by the vows the couple shared. We were hooked. Maybe this is lacking creativity, but we knew we wanted to "borrow" the vows that this couple wrote. This is where you might judge me a little bit. After some intense internet trail chasing, I tracked down the bride's twitter handle, and tweeted her asking for her email address. I wrote her, explaining the strong connection we felt and she was super sweet and gave us permission. That reminds me, I really should email her the link to our video, I bet it would be cool for them to see. 

After our vows, our dear friend Seth Womack, also a groomsman, took the mic. He sang, "Be thou My Vision" and brought the house down. I wish our video would have included a clip of him singing. Oh well, you win some, you loose some. It was so special to have Seth sing, he's been one of our dearest friends for so long.

I mentioned that our friend, Christy played piano, but we also had a violinist! Ashley was SOOOO nice and accommodating and she needs to charge people more. There. I said it. :) We got connected with her because she is my maid of honor, Lucy's, great grandbig in Chi Omega. Using Ashley as our violinist also secured me a facebook friendship with her, for which I am thankful because she is literally HILARIOUS and posts fun things all the time. 

During the song we enjoyed a time of prayer. Okay. Let's be real. I was a little too anxious to actually pray. But God knows my heart so it's all good, yall. 

Husband and wife!

I am literally obsessed with this perspective of our first kiss, Ben's ring in plain sight. Let's add that to the list of million reasons we love our wedding photographer. Seriously. I wish we had a reason to do another photo shoot with her! 

I love this photo of our exit, to "This will be an everlasting love". We chose the song because it's upbeat, romantic, fun, and because my all time favorite movie is The Parent Trap. I love that Ben is grabbing his dad's hand. But this also reminds me of how I was literally dancing through fairy princess land at this point. As you can see in the photo, I AM CLEARLY LOOKING AT BEN GRAB HIS DAD'S HAND. I have ZERO recollection of this. This photo was such a fun surprise. Except I'm looking right at this go down. So basically your wedding day is bliss and you're oblivious to life things and just walking on clouds. Good ending thoughts. 

Ps. For now, our URL is still either "" or "", and my Instagram is still "bonjourvictoria". I'll keep yall posted if this changes!


  1. love the new look girl!!! you are a wiz with creative suite. love seeing more strader wedding pictures. I feel like i was there

  2. so sad to see bonjour victoria retire, but I'm super excited for the new title! happily ever strader is SOOO cute and it fits y'all so well. :)

  3. I absolutely love everything about this! Your wedding was absolutely lovely, and you got a stinkin' awesome photographer. Whoa, to some of those shots. Especially the one I your dad letting go of your hand. This whole post makes me want to do a vow renewal :)

    And I'm loving the new name!!!

  4. This makes me all warm inside. Gosh, aren't weddings just the BEST!?!? Yours looked so beautiful and I am obsessed with your style. Perfection. Also... do you do your own blog design? LOVE IT, sister! PS. We really do need to chat soon!

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