Our Wedding: Reception

Friday, May 24, 2013

Let's finally wrap up sharing about our wedding with a little bit about our lovely reception! Although our reception was very different from most people's vision, we LOVED it. It fit us beautifully, and I believe that the people in our life would agree. We aren't dancers- so there was no dancing. It was a 3pm wedding, so I wasn't feeling people grooving in the bright daylight. Not even a first dance. I know. Some of you are probably shocked and in horror right now. But here's the thing. We dance alone in our kitchen, and that's my perfect version of dancing with my husband. We would have both been shy and embarrassed dancing in front of everyone. We wanted it to be less about us, more about mingling with loved ones and thanking them for coming to celebrate us. Oh yeah, and we fed them real good.

For our tables, we used the banquet tables at the church (praise the Lord- renting tables = $$$) There were large floral arrangements, and fabric squares in a light gingham that my sister Kayce and I sewed like a week before the wedding. I'm so thankful for her help with that project. We wanted a relaxed feel, but with long tables so lots of people could dine together and meet others. I hope everyone had fun!

We are so blessed to have a family that is extremely loaded with talent. 100% of the catering was done by members of our extended family. WHAT? Yeah. I know. I include the next few photos of our food not to make you salivate, although I know you will. But these photos remind me of the hours that people put in to serve us and make our day special. That is such a priceless thing to us. And the food was DELICIOUS! I've had several people tell me that they "still dream about our wedding food!"

All of the food labels were hand lettered by Kathryn Murray calligraphy, who works on a bunch of projects with Southern Weddings. You will recognize her penmanship all over the SW website. 

Okay I lied about 100%. The cakes were from a bakery. (Legacy Cakes in Grapevine, Texas. The baker was on TLC's next top baker. That made me feel cool!) Ben's groomscake was shaped like his dream car, as you can see. 

Part of getting married in a less than gorgeous venue meant bringing in a lot of pieces that could hide other things. I'm pretty sure there is a neon orange scripture behind that large chalkboard. Or something.  The large gold frame was a vintage find, which I am obsessed with. That board now resides in our living room. One of these days Ben will actually hang it for me. HINT HINT LOVE LOVE.

Something I really wanted to include was several people's signature dishes. It's on my to do list to have Meme (Ben's paternal grandmother) write out the recipe for her signature cookies, so I can frame that and the picture in a double frame. Okay. Doing that this week. Hold me accountable, please.

We also had a hot chocolate and coffee bar. Guests could pick up a to go cup (the sleeves also had our names written in calligraphy) of their favorite hot beverage to keep them warm during our exit, and to keep them company on the road to their next destination. I just loved the idea of people getting a to-go beverage. I was really pleased with how this idea turned out in terms of style, also.

Entering our reception was one of the most surreal, overwhelming things. At this moment, I'm making eye contact with my grand-little in Theta, and holding the hand of one of my oldest friends who I was so excited to see! 

I need everyone to know that during the cake cutting we were super awkward and just like not even aware of our surroundings. We cut the cakes right as we came in (because guests had already been eating the main course while we took family photos and took a few minutes to ourselves after the ceremony. Also, by "few minutes to ourselves".. I mean, talking about how overwhelmed we were while Lucy, my MOH bustled my dress.) 

These are all the girls from my sorority that attended the wedding, in our signature pose. This made me the happiest girl. So many sweet people drove many miles to support us and I am so thankful for that! 

It wouldn't be an Aggie wedding without the Fighting Texas Aggie Warm Hymn. Occasionally this still comes on shuffle while I'm in the car and I let it play... Yikes. That's an embarrassing confession. 

A few of our bridesmaids lined up with candles to light everyone's sparklers. 

This was BY FAR my favorite moment of the whole day. Is that silly? Yes. But it was just SO FUN to walk through all the sparklers. To see everyone's sweet faces, and to finally be me and Ben, heading out to our lives together. 


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