Cali, Baby! (Part Two)

Friday, June 21, 2013

One of the places we visited while on vacation in California (part one can be read here) was the Danish capital of America. It's okay if after reading that sentence there are little cricket chirping noises in your head. I wasn't super pumped about it either, until we were there. It was recommended to us, and when we got to Solvang, CA, we found the cutest, happiest little place.

Even the simplest buildings were so charming! 

The only photo of all of us from the whole trip... stinker! We had other plans, but you'll hear about that in the next few updates from our trip. Love these people! 

Ben will have a heart attack when he sees I posted this photo. Call us nerds, but something silly we've picked up during marriage (ALMOST SIX MONTHS, PEOPLE!) is chunking the peace sign to each other at silly and random moments. Example... yesterday, Ben is bringing around the car to pick me up from the front of a store. We both throw up our peace sign when he pulls up. It's just something silly we'll probably grow out of, but for now... enjoy this photo. :)

Something my gardener hubs LOVED about California was that there were succulents EVERYWHERE. Like literally succulents are the weeds of California. 

Something fun about having a brother in law is that he will pose for you with the large Danish clog! 

You're welcome for the flattering photo of myself modeling clogs. 

Only a few days in, we were already missing our sweet pup so badly. It was so fun to stumble upon the "Bulldog Cafe". Benjamin's hand is kind of covering the "B"... but trust me on this one. Now that we're home, Matilda has settled back into her snoozy habits, but has been a little rebellious with her bathroom habits, ahem. Am I just imagining it or is she punishing us for leaving her? What a diva!

Next stop, a vineyard, wahoo!


  1. solvang?!?! ahhh that's literally the exact town/area my friends live in. WHOOOOP. :)

  2. Okay, this is a weird thing to share, but after seeing the peace sign bit I thought you might appreciate it:

    Somehow Austin and I have started making hand gestures to one another when we say goodbye. So one of us makes a heart for "I love you" and one of us puts up 2 fingers (you know, or a peace sign) for "I love you too". I feel like people must think we're super cool . . . haha oh well. Marriage.


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