Cali, Baby! (Part One)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

There has never been a more appropriately titled blog post. If you follow me on Instagram (@victoriastrader) you may have noticed that this past week the whole Strader clan packed up and jetted off to California. The motto of the trip was "Cali, Baby!".... and it was good. :)

The occasion was a family friends wedding. The wedding looked like this: 

But seriously, doves were released upon the presentation of the happy couple. All of our country bumpkin jaws were on the floor by that point. Just kidding. :) Sort of. I love Texas from my head to my toes, but this wedding was incredible enough to make me want to say "Everything's bigger in California!"... because this wedding was downright beautiful. The whole thing was at the bride's home, conveniently located atop a mountain looking down on the family avocado orchard. It was the most incredible wedding we'll probably ever go to. Every detail was so carefully planned and overall, AMAZING. It made me want to shadow the wedding planner to get the inside scoop. :)

We rode up the hill in a shuttle, which resulted in one of my favorite photos of the evening.

We were excited to say the least.

After reaching the top of the hill, we signed the guestbook and sipped basil infused lemonade. Y.U.M. It may not sound good to you, but let me tell you.... I think my new hobby might be making delicious lemonades for funzies.

After the lemonade, we found our seats in the ceremony area. The female guests of the wedding were invited to grab a parasol to keep the sun away. We were all over that.

Overall the wedding was lovely, and it was a fabulous reason for us to vacation over to the region north of Los Angeles. All of these photos were taken with my iphone, because I thought it might be obnoxious to haul my DSLR in anticipation of the wedding's beauty. Especially given my distant connection to the happy couple.

However, my camera was along for the rest of the vacation, from the Danish capital of America to Rodeo Drive to Strader surfing...  and I'm excited to share little bits of our trip over the next few days! Yippee! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Here's a small preview:

I was giddy watching Ben and his brothers get their surf on. The wetsuit reminds me of Batman. :)

Anyone have any fun vacations coming up? Or weddings to attend? :)


  1. I've been totally jealous of your IG pics!! It looks like SUCH a great trip!!

  2. ahhh you weren't kidding about the beautiful cali wedding!! wowza! i want someone to offer me a parasol... :P

  3. Your instagram pictures have looked like so much fun! We love the area just south of LA, as it's an easy weekend trip for us to take. The wedding looks absolutely lovely, and in such a beautiful location! Isn't California fun?! We love Texas, and can't wait to be back, but will definitely miss being so close to the California beaches.

    Did you get your surf on?? My hubs can surf a little, and I tried once, to no avail ;)


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