August Goals

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've decided to start posting my monthly goals here on the blog. Why? Because I stinking need accountability to take care of my name change on both passports (American and British). Really why? Because I believe in living a fully engaged life, and I think that goals help with that.

It is my hope that you would encourage me and keep me on top of my goals, give me feedback, and share with me some of your own goals! If you're new to monthly goals, I'd suggest starting small.

August Goals:

  • American passport name change
  • Renew and change name on British passport
  • paint the old nightstand that is sitting in our garage 
  • plan something fun for Ben's 23rd birthday, the 27th! (Also his first day of school as a middle school coach!) 
  • Clean makeup brushes
  • Start working on curriculum for a girls bible study at church 
  • Start a fun new series here on the blog. Hint: it's called "Simple Little Things" :)
Hopefully I can have some more interesting goals to share next month, once we knock out the passports. :) 

Some other people who's goals I enjoy reading: 

A lot of times reading these lovely ladies reminds me what my goals SHOULD be. :) 

Now it's YOUR turn? 

What are some things you should/could/want to/WILL get done in August? 

Ps. Speaking of August...

On August 1, my dear friend Chandra is launching her online shop of goodies for TEACHERS. She has a full lesson planner (the Teacher Anchor), tons of notepads for things life differentiation and progress monitoring, and beautiful notecards! Check out her website, here. Doesn't the photo above make you inspired to get organized? THE ANSWER IS YES. 


  1. You are so precious to post this! Thank you SO much! You're the BEST! xoxoxo

  2. Cough cough... you forgot to add visit Meredith in Nashville... ;) but I do love your goals! I will be posting my tomorrow! Happy Birthday Month to Ben. Yay!!!

  3. haha good luck on completing those goals, girly! :) i thrive on lists and goals and to-do's, i really need to work on mine for august! one for sure is definitely getting my finances (wowwww that makes me sound way more important and grown-up than i really am) straightened out and seeing how i want the envelope system to fit in. ;)

  4. I love it! I definitely need to clean my makeup brushes, too. This would be awesome with a link up at the bottom so others could link up with their goals. I would totally link up some goals with your posts :)

  5. Great goals girl. I just watched Chandra's video on her website. How awesome! If I were a teacher I would probably flip over that Anchor binder ;)

  6. Good for you, friend! Looking forward to cheering you on!


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