FINANCIAL PEACE: Celebrating FPU Graduation !

Friday, July 19, 2013

As of last night, we are officially done with Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University! WHOOP! I started to share a little bit of our financial journey here, and reaaaaaally wanted to share all about the Envelope System today. But alas, this post is going to be a lengthy one. Writing it is teaching me so much and making me understand what the life of a full-time blogger is really like! (for the big dogs like Young House Love or Cupcakes and Cashmere or Southern Weddings!) I am loving the process, but it looks like y'all will be learning about digging into your finances with envelopes on Monday!

I was so excited for us to finish Financial Peace because it was a reason to celebrate. One of my favorite things is looking back, reflecting, and celebrating! I believe in celebrating life's accomplishments, big and small. Birthdays, graduations, passing tests, paying off debt, getting a new job... All reasons to CELEBRATE!

As I have already shared, this process has been huge for us, and our friends that we have walked through this process with. You can read more about Coltin and Chelsea's journey on their blog.. but sneak peek.. during the process they sold Coltin's car that they were making payments on, so that they could pay 100% cash for a cheaper vehicle. They were proactive about eliminating debt in their lives and it was so incredible to see happen. For us, our spending habits have totally changed, we finally started sticking to a budget, and every dollar has a place to go. Our giving has grown and gotten more creative! (that's probably my favorite thing about this whole process!) We celebrated the end of this video series and our accomplishments with burgers, pink lemonade, and FPU themed cookies! We dined, took a few photos, and watched the last video in FPU on Giving. It was such a sweet time!


  1. Congrats on graduating the class! My parents went through it last year and the family I'm currently living with (I'm a live-in nanny for the summer) are doing it, too! This recent college grad needs to check it out. It's probably wise to start off on a good foot especially now that I'm hoping to become financially independent and start paying off school debt. I'd send a sic'em your way but maybe a Texas howdy is better :) Found your blog co-sponsoring Nicole at Bloom and I think it's precious! You've a new follower in me for sure!


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