Coach Strader takes the Field: Fall 2013!

Monday, July 1, 2013

It's no secret that my husband is an incredibly hard working man. When I was busy being a preteen, spending my money at American Eagle, he was saving for our future. One of the most impressive ways that he has loved me is by being able to tell my parents that he had literally been saving for our marriage since childhood. He always tells me "I was loving you then", when we drove by a yard he was paid to mow as a child. Now that we are married, I am so proud and thankful, and anticipate the legacy that can be passed on to our future children.

SORRY FOR GETTING ALL SERIOUS ON Y'ALL THERE! It's my heart, though. My hubs is incredible.

But the big news is... Ben is now officially the coolest Middle School coach in town! Last week we found out that he was chosen for a position in the school district that we both attended from Kindergarten until graduation. What a blessing! We are fully aware of how difficult it is to get a job in this district, and point 110% of that to the Lord. He has been so good to us. My prayer through our job search has been not just that we would start our careers, but that we would do so in His perfect timing. Last Wednesday, Ben got the call about at Thursday morning interview, and by lunchtime he had gotten the call about being offered the position. Talk about the hand of God in that one!

Ben is so passionate about sports and youth and is looking forward to combining these two loves! And in his eyes, one of the best things is that on mornings with no before school practices, school starts at 9am, meaning that he can get in a few hours on the farm as well. Woah. I think that tells you a thing or two about his work ethic. I'll be in my pajamas during all of these events, by the way! :) Just kidding! Maybe. :)

Thank you to everyone who has prayed with us through this, and if anyone wants to be my buddy and attend a ton of games this fall, well.. you know how to get in touch!


  1. Congratulations! That's so exciting :)

  2. love this!!! ah, ben is such an awesome man. adore both of you. :)


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