Salt Lake City Getaway Weekend

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

As you may have read here, we jetted off to Salt Lake City on Saturday morning. We love to travel, and because neither of us had ever been to Utah, we were so excited to see what this portion of the country had to offer. We were greeted by the cleanest city that I have LITERALLY EVER SEEN, gorgeous mountain views, and lots of healthy looking people. :) Maybe it was a coincidence, but we felt like every single person we saw was gorgeous and fit! Our conclusion was that when people are living around all of the beautiful scenery, they develop a more active lifestyle. Let's be real, Ben was dreaming of hiking the entire trip. We may not have gotten a hike in, but here's a little look at our quick trip to SLC!

Our lovely hotel room looked more Southern than expected, but we had no problem with that! By day two, we were listening like hawks for a familiar "y'all" among all the "you guys"!

After exploring the city a little bit, we decided to drive through the mountains and snoop on all the beautiful and unique homes. Some of them were SO modern! We also found a scenic overlook, which is where the following few photos were taken. We enjoyed traveling just the two of us, but missed having family around to snag photos of us together, haha!

On Sunday, we decided to drive thirty minutes over to Park City, where the 2002 Winter Olympic Games took place! We got a look at some beautiful views in the car ride over, and then sampled a bunch of yummies at the farmers market that was taking place on Main Street that day!

After lunch in town, we went to the Olympic Park for a show, the "Flying Ace All Stars". We basically got to watch skiers and snowboarders practice their tricks. I had no idea that the way these athletes trained is by practicing their flips into a large pool. We LOVED it. Watching these talented people flip and spin and just be awesome was so entertaining. Even just swimming through the pool with all their gear on looked miserable, and the announcer said that is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome in the beginning. This show was one of those things where you kind of have to choose between taking photos or really enjoying it. I chose watching it, but did include one photo of a flip! 

After the show, we explored the grounds a little bit and rode the chairlift. I was terrified of that, to say the least. I love the Olympics, so this was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip.

After we got back from Park City, we watched Despicable Me 2 in one of the Salt Lake theaters and ate the most delicious clam chowder at Market Street Grill. We may or may not have liked this place so much that we ate there twice. :) Our last day in Utah was much more chill, we just explored some more, enjoyed a few coffee shops and other fun places!

My favorite eatery of the trip was Eva's Bakery. You may have seen an Instagram I posted of this place. It was a little french bakery and it just had the most incredible atmosphere. We loved that!

When we were driving to a coffee shop later in the day, we saw this:

So naturally I yelled and pointed and made Ben turn around so we could check out Mini's Cupcakes! I was super excited and asked the lady working a million questions about the shop and their cupcakes. She wasn't really feeling it. But whatever! I got the shop's most popular cupcake, "The Audrey". We loved that they were a lot smaller than the usual cupcake, a perfect little mid afternoon pick me up!

We loved our few days in this fun, new state... but are so thankful to be home. I know this is cheesy and cliche, but every time we travel I realize all over again how much I love our house, and where we live in general. I don't think there has been a single time that I've traveled when I haven't said "God Bless Texas" at least once when we got back home.

Has anyone else been to Salt Lake, or anywhere fun recently? Anyone love the Olympics? Or cupcakes? Anyone think that grouchy cupcake sales ladies don't go with the cupcake mood?

I am so excited to share more posts about financial wisdom in the next week! It was so encouraging to get so much feedback from the first post I wrote about it. I am so excited to share more of our journey with y'all and to learn from you lovely people!


  1. I love cupcakes!!! AND I think all cupcakes sales ladies should be the happiest gals around!

  2. So so jealous that ya'll got to go to where the 2002 winter Olympics was held! We go skiing in Utah each ski season, and would loveee to ski in SLC sometime. It looks like a beautiful, quick weekend getaway. Those are some of the best ones, aren't they?! And we miss Texas so much, we're usually saying, "God bless Texas," when we're back, too. :)


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