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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hi, friends!

Do y'all remember when I had the incredible blessing of attending Making Things Happen in Chapel Hill, NC? While we were there, the incredibly talented Gina Zeidler snapped a few photos of each of us.
I then proceeded to make the following embarrassing faces:

Lesson Learned: Have a stockpile of sophisticated poses on hand in case you happen to find yourself in front of the camera of an amazing photographer from Minnesota who you probably won't see again.

But seriously, if you enjoy beautiful photographs and lovely things in general, check out Gina's website. 

Moving on from that..


Nicole has become such a sweet online connection, we are similar in so many ways and it has truly blessed me to get to know her, and even design the button for a new project that her and Jamie of Southern Simplicity are working on for teachers! If you are a teacher, you can check that out here!

My post is on living your ideal morning, and hopefully it will be an encouragement to y'all!

Also, if you're stopping by from Bloom, HELLO AND WELCOME! I'm thankful for you and looking forward to connecting with you! :)


  1. I am so excited to have found your blog through Nicole! First off, your hair is gorgeous!!! And second, I can't wait to "get to know" you more! I'm about to do some reading this morning :) I love that y'all went to Texas A&M, fellow SEC folks! And you were born in Paris?? How cool! Paris is one of my favorite places in the entire world. I have a feeling I'm gonna love your blog :)

  2. Fantastic post on Bloom today! As Nicole said, you part about being reasonable with our current circumstances really hit home. I often find myself in the daydream land of "One day. . " but I need to live in the now!

  3. I love it. Especially the point about fighting for time with the Lord each morning, especially when other things are already fighting for our attention. I'm also a candle addict and love some bath & body works candles. I think I might buy them out of their caramel apple this autumn... ;)

  4. Love love love Nicole! How great is it to see my favorite bloggers work together! Heading over to read it now :)

  5. Loved the post! Great job Victoria. Mornings are so important. Especially when you work from home. I'm noticing that my morning determines how the rest of the day will go. Oh, and I loved your cute faces in those pictures from MTH.

  6. But the second photo is SO cute! Love it. Nothing more attractive than letting your personality out. P.S read your post on Bloom this morning - love it! Such good tips and I can relate to so much of it.

  7. Embarrassing faces? What! You're gorgeous!
    Enjoyed reading your post on Bloom- I think you've inspired me to re-think how my mornings are spent.


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