Simple Little Thing #1

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello friends! Hope y'all had a wonderful and restful weekend. I am so excited to share with you something that has been brewing in my mind for awhile... a new series on the blog!

In the past few months, I have become so passionate about finding things that can simplify our home and the way we do things. If we can cut out time spent searching in drawers or whatever, we can fill our lives with activities that mean something. For us, that means more quality time, adventures, and investment in our lifegroups. (Yes, plural. Ben leads one of teenage boys and I lead one of teenage girls. We're daydreaming of a day when they are mature enough to unite. Haha.) I'm so excited to share something that is simplifying things for us every few weeks, once a week, whenever it works out. I never want to be forcing myself to make things look like they work if they aren't. That makes things more sporadic. :)

When we first got married, a huge adjustment was sharing the tiny bathroom counter. I have makeup and hair tools and various other things and Ben has a shaver and contact solution. We have a small little counter and I don't like a lot of clutter so something HAD to be done. I also knew that Ben wasn't going to want to be opening cabinets and searching around for things that he needed. They needed to be right there.

Then, I found this baskety box. The angels sang. Seriously, this box was a turning point for our bathroom's cleanliness factor.

Inside the box we keep anything that could clutter up the counters. Ben's shaver, contact solution, moisturizer, hair ties, leave in conditioner, etc. The little things that we use ALL the time so it's not worth putting away in a cabinet or something. Beside the basket I keep Ben's contact thing and a little roll of floss. Having these things easy and on hand has kept us so organized. It's just as easy to put them back in the basket as putting them on the counter, so it works. It is husband tested and Ben consistently puts the stuff in the basket. The angels sang, again. Just kidding. :)

I hope this idea helps you out on this lovely Monday! Did you do any organizing this weekend? Any other fun projects? Do we have any other neat freaks in the house? Do you love our old tile?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, friends!


  1. Super cute idea. I really dislike clutter, especially on the counter tops as well! Our bathroom counter in the master is soo small. Ronnie isn't living in our house til our wedding day, so I may need to do something like that or else send him packing to the guest bathroom ;)

  2. I like the idea a lot! We have almost no counter space in our home, just the way our two bathrooms are laid out. I keep a basket over the toilet lid (which is right next to the sink) that holds all of my hair stuff, like a curling wand and straightener. The hubs likes that it doesn't clutter the counter and it's easy enough for me to grab what I need :)

  3. I love this!! Also, let's talk about sharing counter space with our spouses for a minute.. um... can you please put away your deodorant, toothpaste and contact case husband?? Like remove it from the counter and back into the cabinet?? :) But.... I have my flaws too... so it's even :)


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