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Friday, August 16, 2013

Now, I know you should never say never.. but I am rather certain about this list. Especially because we have a bunch of new followers around these parts, I want you to know what you're getting yourself into!

1. Complaints about the people in my life 

I could write out a formal essay with tears in my eyes about this one, but I'll save you from it. Let's be real, this is real life. Even the people you love the most frustrate you, upset you, make you want to scream. That's why marriage is hard and you need grace in it. However, you will never hear about any of those things on my blog. The middle school, AIM instant messenger user in me wants to write passive aggressive things about people who have hurt me sometimes, but it doesn't bring healing or reconciliation. You just won't find that here.

A note on complaining about people in your life: something valuable we were told during premarital counseling is this, when you tell a friend or family member all about how your spouse has hurt you in something, they get upset too. They feel your pain and hurt and want to defend you. We crave seeing people respond this way to our hurts, I think. Actually I'm pretty sure I know. But then, you go and make up with your spouse. You say your sorries, forgive each other, you heal. The person that you told about the incident doesn't get to be a part of the make up process. That can build bitterness/awkwardness in relationships between your spouse and other loved ones over time. You just don't want your best friend to always think of your spouse as "the jerk who _______". Just something I thought I'd share that has infused many areas of my life!

2. Regular Outfit Posts

Many bloggers, bloggers that I love and gain inspiration from, post outfit pictures on a regular basis. I am not a style blogger nor will I ever be. My clothing style isn't something that I think really comes naturally to me, nor will I be good at strutting my stuff. I wouldn't say that sharing sources for belongings is totally out of the question, because I love sharing.. but this is just plain not my gift. :) Also, people who budget don't even buy clothes, I wear trashbags or garnments I dig out of the trash. #budgetmisconceptions

Some blogs with outfit posts that I enjoy reading: A Piece of Toast, Michaela Noelle Designs, Pink Peonies, Sew Caroline, Amanda Marie.

I tend to find myself gravitating towards style blogs that aren't necessarily "my style"... I enjoy gaining little bits of inspiration from them without copying something exactly.

3. A great representation of our "perfect" life

Oh wait, that's because we don't have one of those. :) I have recently talked with a few people about the "look" that they are trying to portray on their blog, the lives they want to create in order to have an interesting blog. Cue my heart breaking. Our lives, nor anyone else's are complete perfection. The thing about sharing life through blogging is that you want things to look awesome. A lot of times you only really see the good. It is my hope and prayer that our blog, would be natural overflow of our lives and realistically portray the season we are in right now. I want to be content in all aspects of my life, although I'm often not. I want you to desire the same thing from your time spent reading our little journal, not think that you have to redo your laundry room to have happiness, or whatever. You with me? :)

Okay, neat! Now we've gotten that out of the way! :) I really just felt like I was needing to share that my purpose in using this blog to record our days is encourage and share and be happy! If we go through hard things in the future that are appropriate to share, we will share them along with other parts of this blog, but overall, you can come here looking for a pick me up or some sort.

Now that I've finished this post it feels kind of "soap boxy" but I was just feeling something different this morning. And I felt like I needed to be honest and confess that I am in no way stylish in the clothes region of life. Okay, good. :)

What WOULD you like to see more of on the blog? Anything in particular that you would enjoy reading about?

Speaking of "about", our about page has been updated! Check it out and happy Friday! We'll resume our normal happy happy joy on Monday! ;)

PS. The photos of our pup are sprinkled throughout here so that you remember I'm not just a sassy post writer but a sweet person who loves her dog! :)


  1. I absolutely LOVED the way you explained the importance of not complaining about your husband, or really, anyone we love. I think it can be tempted when we are frustrated to have someone just listen to us, get us, tell us we are right to be upset, etc but I KNOW that isn't what God wants for me or my (future) marriage so that has definitely been an area of growth for me as I move closer to marriage! Thanks for your honesty. I am so happy I found your blog!!!

  2. You're the cutest. I am right there with on not posting those complaints. That is what our friends and family in person are for, and prayer of course, we can always pray for that! Also, when can we be in person friends and have a puppy play date?? I hope you are drawing some fun inspiration from our style post too! :) And girlfriend, you're the cutest, you could always blog outfits when the time is right! ;) xoxo Happy Friday!

  3. Love this post and your honesty! I think the same way :)

  4. Yes, yes, and yes! I am totally with you on posting outfits. I think I'll make a fool out of myself ;) So thankful I found your blog, you are such a sweet gal. While I've only been here for a month or so, I can't wait to see what more you have to share on your precious blog. Have a great weekend!

  5. I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU. :) this is so spot-on.

  6. I love it all! :)


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