A Trip to the Southern Living Idea House

Monday, September 9, 2013

Last weekend, I took a quick trip to Nashville, Tennessee, to visit some dear friends from Making Things Happen. I remember sitting at the airport in March, before leaving on a jet plane to Chapel Hill, being so nervous about traveling somewhere I didn't know people, on my own. It's funny how just a few months later, I was again at the airport, going to see the sweet people I got to know at the conference. Ben's college room mate, and one of our best friends also just moved to Nashville, so I got to see him too. God is good, and I'm thankful!

Other than seeing Meredith, Chandra, and Collin, the highlight of the trip was the Southern Living Idea House. I am truly in love with the Southern heritage I married into, and Southern Living is by far my favorite monthly magazine. I also get giddy talking about home decor, so I told my friends that seeing this house was "my dream come true." That may be silly, but I really did have the best time. Seeing the house allowed me to get inspired, and to continue defining my interior design style. And that's something I would say I've struggled with since we got married. (College design is just plain different, people!)

Today I'll be sharing my favorite photos, all by Meredith at Teasley Photography! Isn't she so talented?!?

Bah! The beautiful main house. 

These were the drain pipes, be still my heart! What a fun way to make something ordinary, beautiful! 

My dear friends! Baby Teasley (in the middle with Mere!) is due in November, so another trip to Nashville will have to happen!

We were genuinely swooning over this porch swing. It would be so easy to add the rope detailing. 

I was truly so inspired by the outdoor spaces. They were so geared to entertaining, and I love opening up our home. 

This whole half bath was beautifully tiled. This was one of the photos that really got Ben's attention, he loved seeing this room! 

In hysterics over the sliding barn doors!

The room in the two photos above was one of my absolute favorites. I'm a neutrals girl, and this was so well done! 

The above image is SO gorgeous. Go, Meredith

I know it's silly, but I was really inspired by a lot of the dish arrangements. It really helped me think about how I want to style some areas in our kitchen and dining room! 

What do you think of the idea house? Are there any specific things that inspired you from my mini tour? Do you love Southern Living? What IS inspiring your home, lately?

If you want to see more photos, get sources, or take a virtual tour of the house, you can do so here.


  1. I really love these inspirations and the pictures are great ! I would love to have a house like this :)

    Take care !

  2. Fiddle leaf fig trees!!!!!!!

  3. Yay! Love this and your commentary! :) Thanks so much for sharing the photos. Truly a beautiful and inspirational home!

  4. Loving the dishes layout, too! Plus the swing, so fun!

  5. So beautiful! Love that you got to visit, and love that porch swing, too!

  6. Let's go back to the Bed and Breakfast!!!

  7. Just move me into that home right now. ... No, seriously. ;)

    I love the porch swing, and that's such a simple idea to do with the rope wrapped around the chain. I also love warm neutrals, too, and have recently been thinking I like butcher block for counter tops more than granite (shock).

    So happy for you that you got to go here!!

  8. Wow, this is GORGEOUS! I love how bright and airy everything is. I'm not exactly sure what my style will be when I finally decorate a house of my own, but I know that light is the first priority. The furniture just looks so comfortable, too!


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