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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today I'm linking up with Blogtember, and sharing a few of my favorite places to shop online! Several of these places are sources for things in our home that I'm frequently asked about, so I'm excited to share some favorite spots! :)

Mandy is a sweet friend and an extremely talented artist. Her art is all over our home. We have a personalized piece, a painting of Matildathe cactus print, and the hedgehog print. You can read more about Mandy here, on her blog. I'm so excited about a few of the pieces I've seen her preview lately. We need more Mandy art in our home! She even has a few of her cards on sale this week!

Lindsay Letters
I've been a long time fan of Lindsay's work, even before her shop opened! We have two large canvases of hers, and several prints. I actually have to limit myself from buying from her shop so that our whole house isn't just calligraphy art. I love her heart and all of her work! Right now, I've got my eye on the kraft paper Thanksgiving print (far right!)... I'm in love! 

It wouldn't be a shop roundup without mentioning my dear friend, Chandra. Especially when I know I have so many readers that are teachers. Chandra took her passion for balancing life in and outside of the classroom and has created some incredible products. Take a look! My eye is on the gold star notecards, so precious!

I'm a sucker for every single product Emily releases, let me just say. I have her Simplified planner, several notepads, her signature "grace not perfection" print, and the recipe binder. I especially love the recipe binder. As a newlywed, I'm starting my recipe collection. Starting off with an organization system has been great! This shop is a great reference if you're looking to get organized.

PSSSSSSST! A little birdie told me that a product from one of these shops might be included in a giveaway, coming up soon! Get excited, friends!

What are some of your favorite online shops? I love finding new ones! Do any of these catch your eye? :)

Note: I have in no way been compensated to give my opinion about these shops. None of them (except for Mandy) know who I am. :)


  1. Love, love, love these friend! I've been a fan of Lindsay Letters and Emily Ley for a while (got a couple of calligraphy prints in the mail last week and spotted the recipe binder on sale recently, too, so it's on its way to my door!) but I hadn't seen the others. I definitely need to check them out :)

  2. I saw Mandy post that she is going to work on a Denton Square in December picture... That is definitely going in our home. We love (& miss) Denton so so much! Also love Lindsay Letters. We have her SW vows in our home. I love it.

  3. eeee, love all of these!! :) and a giveaway?? ahhh-maaa-zinggg!


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