Keeping up with the Straders: August 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

Events in our lives fall through the cracks and haven't been documented on the blog as well as I would like. One of the reasons I love blogging is that it serves as a scrapbook for us, so I thought I would find a way to incorporate all the events that don't get a big DSLR camera shoot, but are worthy of my iphone ;) I thought it would be fun to share these photos monthly! What do y'all think? 

I'll probably end up including these photos with my monthly goals. A little monthly wrap up!

These two sisters are some of my dearest friends. My love for them grows each time we're together. I know I took the years we lived in the same place for granted, but I'm thankful to have one of them back this year, yay! Selfie taken to send to another friend.

At the beginning of the month, I was allllll about the Southern Weddings Southern Summer Challenge. I was blown away to find Cheerwine, a North Carolina specialty, at a candy shop here in Texas! 

During the second weekend of the month, we went to Canton Trade Days. Basically a huge flea market/antique fair/convention. I don't know. I got the above painting! It has yet to find a home in our house, and is very different than a lot of things I usually gravitate towards, but I love it!

Close up picture of a turtle courtesy of the husband. He tried to pick it up but I wouldn't let him! 

We spent an evening with Ben's younger brother, Zac, fishing and adventuring with the kayak! The weather was beautiful, and getting in that thing was so out of my comfort zone. I loved it though, and look forward to another chance to kayak!

We had a goodbye dinner for our good friend Collin (left) who just moved to Nashville! I was amazed at seeing how him and our friend Caleb have morphed to look so much alike! 

We got to spend some sweet time with Ben's cousin's kids.. swimming, pretending to have a rodeo in the living room, and pretend sleeping (pictured) took place.

You may have already seen this photo, but I helped Ben make his bulletin boards. Can I just say that it's hard to make a manly, well decorated classroom? Especially for 8th grade math. I tried my hardest and added a bit of Aggie spirit in there. :)

On the last day before Ben fully started working, we went on a surprise date adventure to Dallas! The Sprinkles Ice Cream shop was calling our name! We love cupcakes, and decided we would choose the normal cupcake shop over the ice cream on most occasions. I had the red velvet, and it was delicious, but the normal cupcake would have been too. :)

It was such a blessing to get together with so many friends from college to celebrate the wedding of Sarah and Cody! I hadn't gotten to spend time with Allison (pink dress) since our wedding, so it was wonderful to have her come and stay. It also inspired me to want to spruce up our guest bedroom! 

We shamelessly kited the wedding photos taking place! 

A blurry iphone couple of the only first dance I've ever seen that was fun and natural! Way to go, Mankins! 

That's it for us! Did y'all do anything big during the month of August? If you want to see photos like this and more, follow me on Instagram! @victoriastrader


  1. You've had such a busy August!!! Hope you've been able to transition into your man being a coach during this season!! Busy Busy, but I know God will bless you both in so many ways!! Can't wait to hear how he uses you with your small group you're starting, too!!

  2. Snapping turtles FA-REAK me out. That one is HUGE!


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