October Goals

Monday, September 30, 2013

WHAT? There is NO way I'm about to start October goals. Maybe I'll say this every month, but September went by so quickly! Like so many others, I'm welcoming October with joy in my heart.. Fall is by far my favorite season, and October always seems to end up being a busy, wonderful month! 

Let's look at my goals from last month: 

September Goals: 
  • Paint the old nightstand that is sitting in our garage
  • Clean makeup brushes
  • Find something for above our fireplace mantle 
  • Healthy eating, we're working on making this our next disciplinary goal.. now that I feel like I've conquered our finances
  • Clean out our guest room 
  • Plan and book our European Adventure for next summer
  • Read a book for fun 
Wahoo! I am so thankful to have completed two leftover August goals: painting the nightstand and cleaning my makeup brushes. Cleaning the brushes squeezed in just in time.. I actually got up from writing this post to go do it. I think the trouble is having a good time to clean them that you know you won't be needing to apply makeup with enough time for them to dry. I'm not sure I did a super professional job, but they're cleaner than they were before... and I'm going to call it good. :) I kept searching for something above the fireplace.. with no luck. I have only two weeks before our home shoot so I better find something quick! I'm also planning on finishing the guest room pretty early this month, as we are having visitors soon! We started eating a lot healthier (more meals at home = good news for us!) and shared our Europe plans here. 

My last overlooked goal needs YOU! I literally didn't read a book. WHO AM I? Reading is truly one of my favorite things.. and I need a great one to start ASAP. What is your favorite book? Read anything good lately? Leave some suggestions in the comments, or email me! (Note: debbie downer books are not my thing.. I started reading the highly recommended The Paris Wife on an airplane and had to stop reading it because it made me sad. Keep that in mind. :) 

September Marriage Goals: 

  • Be a supportive coach's wife as football season is a huge adjustment
  • Pray over Ben and his role in the community in the mornings and at night
  • Ask each other these questions every Sunday 
  • Make Ben's school lunch every day

YAY! I am so encouraged after crossing off all of these marriage goals. Asking Sunday questions has been extremely beneficial for us. I made a LOT of lunches. I missed one or two, but I'm still calling this a victory! Really, it was just great for me to have several goals to focus on as I walked through this month of loving Mr. Benjamin Luke. 

October Goals: 
  • Find something for above our fireplace 
  • Clean out the guest room 
  • Read a book for fun
  • Attend the Magnolia Fall Home Show in Waco, Texas 
  • Visit College Station, Texas for a Kappa Alpha Theta event
  • Finish my "homemade Christmas" secret santa gift for Ben's Granny's side of the family

How is my new 101 in 1,001 list going to fit in with normal monthly goals? Sometimes I may include something from my 101 list in monthly goals if I really want to tackle it that month, but for the most part, they'll be new, additional goals. Am I a goal loony? Yes, probably. I promise in the future all of my blog posts won't be about goals. Goals, goals, goals. That word has been so overused in this post. Yikes! 

What do y'all have planned for October? Also, leave me a book suggestion, please! 


  1. Wow!! Hooray for you accomplishing all of your marriage goals! I'm impressed!

  2. Ah! So jealous you are going to the Magnolia Home show! Wish I still lived in Texas! Have you ever been to Canton First Mondays or Round Top?

  3. Book recommendations:

    that^ is a list I'm working on with some of my favorites. If you're looking for something uplifting I especially recommend A Voice in the Wind and its sequel for fiction, or A Million Miles in a Thousand Years for nonfiction.

  4. read some karen kingsbury or beverly lewis!! i always love them for a good, clean "pick-up" story that's an easy read. :) and i'm a very goal-oriented person too, so i love these posts!! :)

  5. You encourage me and inspire me so much!! Typing up some October goals now! Let's do it!


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