September Goals

Monday, September 2, 2013

I truly cannot believe it is the second of September. Yikes! It brings me such joy as we inch closer to fall. It's a rainy morning here in Texas, and I'm loving it. Last week I got a few fall items from J. Crew with a gift card, and now I am so antsy for boot weather. And fall candles. And everything pumpkin. Poor Ben. The man doesn't even really like pumpkin. :) I am just plain looking forward to the fresh start of a new season. 

Celebrating an August wedding with a sweet friend!

Let's look at how I did on the August Goals

  • American passport name change
  • Renew and change name on British passport
  • paint the old nightstand that is sitting in our garage 
  • plan something fun for Ben's 23rd birthday, the 27th! (Also his first day of school as a middle school coach!) 
  • Clean makeup brushes
  • Start working on curriculum for a girls bible study at church 
  • Start a fun new series here on the blog. Hint: it's called "Simple Little Things"

Not too shabby. :) I took care of the passports by going to get the photos taken at a local drugstore early in the week. I got some help with researching all of the correct forms, they were so overwhelming! For Ben's birthday, I started the day by making cinnamon rolls (from a tube, not Pioneer Woman style!) at the early hour of 5 am. He then went off to school for his first day of teaching and coaching. I got to bring him his lunch to school (he forgot it!) and in the evening we ate his favorite dinner, cupcakes, and watched Oceans 13 (we love those movies!) I started working on stuff for our girls bible study. I'm teaching the first one on Wednesday night, pray for us! If you know of any middle school/high school/early college age girls in my area and want more info, email me! Simple Little Things has been posted twice, I'd love to hear if y'all like reading it, or any thoughts you have. 

I also missed putting something on my goals list that I completed this weekend, traveling to Nashville, Tennessee to visit a few friends from Making Things Happen. The weekend getaway was relaxing and wonderful, and Nashville is such a fun city! I'm excited to share that adventure in a blog post, soon!

I didn't get to painting the nightstand, or cleaning makeup brushes. The good news is, those two things can go straight to my September Goals. Even if I missed the mark this month, I still want to accomplish those tasks. 

September Goals: 
  • Paint the old nightstand that is sitting in our garage
  • Clean makeup brushes
  • Find something for above our fireplace mantle 
  • Healthy eating, we're working on making this our next disciplinary goal.. now that I feel like I've conquered our finances
  • Clean out our guest room 
  • Plan and book our European Adventure for next summer
  • Read a book for fun (I LOVE reading, but lately I've been lacking good recommendations!) 

And now, a little something different. I recently found a "Marriage Goals" linkup and wanted to list some specific marriage goals.
  • Be a supportive coach's wife as football season is a huge adjustment
  • Pray over Ben and his role in the community in the mornings and at night
  • Ask each other these questions every Sunday 
  • Make Ben's school lunch every day
Okay, friends! Help me out! What do you think of Simple Little Things? Do you have any book recommendations? How did y'all do on the things you wanted to accomplish in August? Do you have any big plans for September? :)

 Marriage & Relationship Goals


  1. I like all of your Simple Little Things series! As for books, I could use some recommendations, too. I didn't do very much reading this summer since I couldn't find anything that caught my attention (aside from Shauna Niequist). I'm excited too for autumn weather, pumpkin candles, and boots! We're escaping this autumn and winter up into Utah again.I cannot wait for the seasons to change!

  2. LOVE the goals!!! Can't wait to see what you decide to do over the mantle! Here are our big plans for Septmeber:
    PS - I forgot to add "see Victoria post about our Nashville adventures!" Photos coming your way soon!

  3. I am loving your simple little things series. Seriously, Christmas shopping over labor day, DUH! Thanks for the tip! :) One of my goals for last month was cleaning out and organizing our guest room too. Ronnie and I get married next month, which means lots of family will be cramming into our house. And I am trying to prepare the home for when Ronnie moves in once we get married too. We have a couple empty rooms right now that were more just storage, but I made some good progress on one of them. I love setting goals for each month and reflecting on them at the end! :)

  4. I love your blog Victoria! I always look forward to new posts! :)

  5. These are so wonderful! I know you made that sweet bulletin board for your husband and it is PRECIOUS! Miss you already!

  6. good job on the monthly goals! i love how you're not discouraged about the things you didn't complete, but instead just moved them over to the next month. i tend to beat myself up over goals not completed, so good for you! :)

    love the simple little things series, keep it up! :)

    book recommendations!! honey, just start using goodreads!! ;) i swear, it's one of the best sites ever created. i've read so many books i wouldn't have heard of otherwise hadn't it been for goodreads. it's an amazing site!

  7. Loved reading your post about finances and the most recent one about Christmas! It made me realize I really have got to start saving before it gets here. As for books, I second the suggestion about Good Reads! It's fantastic. Also, if you like any of Jane Austen's books, DEFINITELY pick up Austenland. It's coming out as a movie this month, and the book was seriously fantastic.

  8. I just realized september was there this morning, while going back to school ! Good luck for all your goals this month ! I really like reading your blog :)


  9. Hooray! I'm glad you've added some marriage goals to your list and decided to link up with us! :) These are great ones! :) I can't wait to see how you do! And I'm glad that I discovered your blog today!


  10. European adventure! So fun!! Love your marriage goals, too!

  11. I absolutely love your little blog! So glad I found you through IG! Thanks for linking up with us and sharing some marriage goals! You have some really great ones that I could definitely apply in my life. I also love your personal goals, too! I just started my first month of personal goals, so I am anxious to see where I may end up in October after being a little more intentional!


  12. I just found your blogs through Simply Sweet Melissa... You're so inspiring and beautiful. And it just occurred to me that you look a bit like Quin from the show Scandal So pretty... Loved the blue dress you are wearing

    Happy blogging


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